"Goodbye 2020!"

Happy New Year!

Every year I like to make a post outlining all of the things I accomplished since the previous year. Welcome to the 2020 edition!

This year, I released an album (with a 3D music video), updated Mine Blocks, and launched a demo of Mine Blocks Beta!
Meanwhile, I teamed up with my friend GhostID to finish and release all 11 ports of my old games!

Click around to see more about anything that piques your interest!

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Orange: Game release/update
Red: Game port
Green: Video
Cyan: Music
Violet: Experimental 'thing'
Grey: Miscellaneous Milestone





  • 23rd
    : Port - "Convey" ported by GhostID









Well there you have it! As nuts of a year 2020 was, I certainly remained very productive.

The end of Flash games really had me scrambling to preserve my work, but with 11 games ported, and Mine Blocks Beta making weekly progress, I think I'm in a good position to make some awesome stuff in 2021! :D

Next up from me is the 2021 projects video, more Mine Blocks Beta updates, and a secret project I started last week!

I hope you all have a happy Near Year!

What were the highlights/accomplishments of your year?

Happy 2021!
- Zanz

Posted 3 years ago.
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