Creative Policy
Contact/email me about anything you're unsure of!

  • You must give credit when you use my music. Something like this:
    Intro music: "[SONG TITLE]" by Zanzlanz:
  • Do NOT just reupload ("freeboot") my music.
  • Do NOT claim my content as your own.

  • Videos/streams/podcasts/YouTube:
    • You may use my music in your videos if it's accompanied by creative content (gameplay, vlogging, dancing, podcasts, and similar).
    • You may monetize your videos! If there is a ContentID claim by mistake, dispute it.

  • Games
    • It depends on the music. Contact me about this.
    • If it's for something small, like Ludum Dare, go for it! :D

  • Film/Movie licensing
    • Price depends on major/minor use. Definitely contact me!

  • Mixing and remixing/bootlegging
    • Do it! Before release, maybe contact me though!
  • Do NOT claim my content as your own.

  • Videos/streams/podcasts/YouTube:
    • YES! Absolutely make videos of my games!
    • You may monetize your videos!
    • You must give credit though. Something like this:
      Game: [GAME NAME] by Zanzlanz:

  • Web game publishers:
    • You may publish my web games on your gaming site.
    • Your site must have business contact info.
    • Do NOT alter the game unless given explicit permission.
    • You must give proper credit:
      • Properly format the title of the game (e.g. Use "Mine Blocks", not "Mineblocks 1.29 - 2D Minecraft").
      • Include my developer name: Zanzlanz
    • Embed codes are under each of my games.
    • Please contact me if you want to license a customized version.
    • Keep the game up-to-date whenever possible. Hotlink or replace old versions.