"I Made Music for The Henry Stickmin Collection!"


It's been a while! Maybe 2 whiles at this point. Sorry about that! There's big progress happening on everything, but nothing has been particularly post-worthy... until today!

Today is the release day of The Henry Stickmin Collection!

This is a game by PuffballsUnited at InnerSloth. Chances are, a large number of you are familiar with this series.
The full set of games is shown below:

I'm announcing this game because I actually got to make new music for it!
Within the collection, you will find 4 clips from me. I've listed them all below. I'll leave it up to you to find them in the games though!

A Feeling of Tread
Game in collection: Completing the Mission.
This was scored for one of the animations. The version in-game has a different BPM, but otherwise I fit the whole track around the section I scored. I'm super pleased with how it turned out! Also I'm pretty proud of the sharp style that emerged for the cover art and visualizer.

Download A Feeling of Tread

360 No Hope
Game in collection: Fleeing the Complex.
There were some fun challenges with creating this one, like creating a drop that sounds okay when heavily distorted, and living up to a rather classic scene. A lot of people question why the title is so bleak sounding haha - I simply came up with dumb wordplay relating to the scene; it's a play on the failure to perform a "360 No Scope".

Download 360 No Hope

Drum and Chase
Game in collection: Escaping the Prison.
This one is simply a short drum and bass loop I created for - surprisingly - a chase scene. I ended up with lots of variations as I honed in the style, so I guess I could always reuse some of the elements to make a full track of some sort. But for now, I'm okay with it just being a loop.

Download Drum and Chase

Car Horn
Game in collection: Stealing the Diamond.
This is the only track I did not make specifically for the game; I made this one back in 2016. It was used in a win/credits sequence, so hopefully people will enjoy celebrating with the sounds of a car alarm going off outside my dorm window when I was at university. Beep!

Download Car Horn

I give my endless thanks to Puffballs for offering the awesome and rare opportunity to make EDM for The Henry Stickmin Collection. It's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing that I couldn't turn down!

Post what you think of this stuff in the comments - I'd love to hear if anyone was able to find the music within the game! And if you haven't already, check out The Henry Stickmin Collection! :D

More neat stuff coming soon! Take care,
- Zanz

Posted 1 year ago.
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