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"Goodbye 2012!"
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Well it's been a good year, don't you think? I met many new friends and fans, made lots of music and games, and had a lot of fun!

- I got Flash CS5.5 for Christmas and started to learn how to make games in AS3.
- Started Mine Blocks 2.
- Reached 100 likes on the Mine Blocks Facebook page.
- I made the 2 tracks Thimbleberry Epic and Bean Soup Mix. Where did I come up with those names?!

- switched to HostGator. Unlimited data and bandwidth!

- Made the track It Has Arrived.
- Started Maze of Mist. I really need to work on that, don't I?
- Got overly ambitious and started some projects that I never finished.

- Release Mine Blocks 1.21, the armor update.

- The Zanzlanz Facebook page reaches 100 likes!
- I made Human Apocalypse for Ludum Dare.
- I made the track The Ghostlyness and made a SoundCloud account to put it on.
- Started a Minecraft soundboard. There's a LOT of sound effects in Minecraft, so I put it aside for later.
- Released Mine Blocks 1.22, colored wool update. Many new bugs arose, causing items to disappear!
- Reached 500 likes on the Mine Blocks Facebook page.

- I made Lab Lights for Ludum Dare.
- Neatobuckets!

- My computer crashed. Badly.
- Created the track Mountain of Flame.

- I turned 16!
- Made 2 tracks: The Stun and Manray!
- Created the game Hexagon Tribute because I love Super Hexagon.

- I made my favorite track of the year, Frozen Staircase.
- Release Mine Blocks 1.23, the ender update!
- Reached 1,000 likes on the Mine Blocks Facebook page.

- Made the track Foreign Forest.
- Mine Blocks 2 updated to alpha 0.5.

- Made Dragon Boss for Ludum Dare. I am working on a finished version of it.
- Reached 2,000 likes on the Mine Blocks Facebook page.
- Released Mine Blocks 1.24 just in time for Christmas.
- Wrote a really long post of how the year went!

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Terashi (Guest)  
Unknown post time  
Been sick for the past week, just now recovering from it.
strider (Guest)  
Unknown post time  
oh people are changing there names i want to be strider-sama
Name 5 (Guest)  
Unknown post time  
nam (Guest)  
Unknown post time  
weird i look through the old comments on this news thing and i cant fined my old comments! realy weird
Name 5 (Guest)  
Unknown post time  
I could change mine to N5
dimend finder (Guest)  
Unknown post time  
i am going to use it now
dimend finder (Guest)  
Unknown post time  
my real name is emerson
dimend finder (Guest)  
Unknown post time  
it will make it perfect!
dimend finder (Guest)  
Unknown post time  
so zanzlanz how about me updateing mine blocks?
strider (Guest)  
Unknown post time  
the code is cheezy tree :D
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