"Goodbye 2012!"
Well it's been a good year, don't you think? I met many new friends and fans, made lots of music and games, and had a lot of fun!

- I got Flash CS5.5 for Christmas and started to learn how to make games in AS3.
- Started Mine Blocks 2.
- Reached 100 likes on the Mine Blocks Facebook page.
- I made the 2 tracks Thimbleberry Epic and Bean Soup Mix. Where did I come up with those names?!

- Zanzlanz.com switched to HostGator. Unlimited data and bandwidth!

- Made the track It Has Arrived.
- Started Maze of Mist. I really need to work on that, don't I?
- Got overly ambitious and started some projects that I never finished.

- Release Mine Blocks 1.21, the armor update.

- The Zanzlanz Facebook page reaches 100 likes!
- I made Human Apocalypse for Ludum Dare.
- I made the track The Ghostlyness and made a SoundCloud account to put it on.
- Started a Minecraft soundboard. There's a LOT of sound effects in Minecraft, so I put it aside for later.
- Released Mine Blocks 1.22, colored wool update. Many new bugs arose, causing items to disappear!
- Reached 500 likes on the Mine Blocks Facebook page.

- I made Lab Lights for Ludum Dare.
- Neatobuckets!

- My computer crashed. Badly.
- Created the track Mountain of Flame.

- I turned 16!
- Made 2 tracks: The Stun and Manray!
- Created the game Hexagon Tribute because I love Super Hexagon.

- I made my favorite track of the year, Frozen Staircase.
- Release Mine Blocks 1.23, the ender update!
- Reached 1,000 likes on the Mine Blocks Facebook page.

- Made the track Foreign Forest.
- Mine Blocks 2 updated to alpha 0.5.

- Made Dragon Boss for Ludum Dare. I am working on a finished version of it.
- Reached 2,000 likes on the Mine Blocks Facebook page.
- Released Mine Blocks 1.24 just in time for Christmas.
- Wrote a really long post of how the year went!

Posted 8 years ago.
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