"Zanzlanz's Collector's Bundle!"


Clearly, the biggest news of the new year is that Flash is now gone from browsers! And since most of the games I've created are Flash games, that means none of my games work any more... OR DO THEY??

Actually, 11 of my games are now fully converted from Flash (to Haxe)!

And to celebrate this era of my games, I've packaged them up in a brand new release called Zanzlanz's Collector's Bundle! Ta-da!

Collector's Bundle is a download of 11 arcade-like games that I made over the years, complete with a launcher. The launcher tracks your progress getting all 100 original achievements!

If you get all 100 achievements, you land on the winners leaderboard.

The first 10 people to get all achievements are automatically congratulated on my Twitter account! So, claim your victory spot before someone else does! :)

The whole bundle is $4.99 on itch.io. It is currently Windows only, but I hope to make it available for Mac and Linux some day!

Get the launcher from itch.io below:

Welp, there you have it! Thanks for reading! I hope everyone enjoys the games and achievements. :)

You're great, and have an awesome day, please!
- Zanzlanz

Posted 1 year ago.
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