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"Goodbye 2018!"
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WOO, that's it for 2018! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Previous years' posts: 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

Welcome to my traditional yearly recap! This year, I turned 22, graduated university, started a fulltime job at Dreaming Door Studios, made a game engine, and set things up for a great 2019!

Below is a list of things that I accomplished this year. Click on links to see their origins, and click on the images to zoom in (many of them are gifs)!

Cyan: Programmed gif
Red: Blog post
Green: Video
Orange: Port
Violet: Art
Purple: Experimental 'thing'
Grey: Milestone














Although there weren't any new games or musics, it was another great year!
And stay tuned! Find out what I'm working on next year in my "2019 Projects" video, coming out soon on my YouTube channel!

I hope you have a wonderful 2019! See you around!
- Zanzlanz

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Harambe (Guest)  
5 months ago  
Can there be lemon dimensions, or lemon tools? i dunno but i really want to make mine blocks more better with lemon :D So please add that
For every lemon feature I add, I will remove a normal feature... until the game is completely void of non-lemon related things. Mine Blocks will then be renamed Lemon Lemons. (lemon)
Sneargle (Guest)  
6 months ago  
Hey Zanzlanz! can you add redstone block in the next uptade?
I would like to add entity chunking first, so it wont be in the next update. I'd love to do a big redstone update at some point :D
imthesameguy (Guest)  
6 months ago  
Awesome year, glad to see you're doing great :D keep up the good work man, you're doing great
Could it be!!? The one and only! It's nice to see you! :) Thanks for the kind comment - I hope all the work in 2018 will start proving useful this year! And I hope you are doing well! (lemon)
Austin Lee (Guest)  
6 months ago  
It has been a few years since we last talked, how are you?
Doing well, thanks! Excited to be making good work on my projects :D How about you?
Green Snow ( (Guest)  
6 months ago  
(I need to choose a definitive username q-q) *cough* Sure it was a great year of preparation and learning for you! I hope you have learned a lot and everything is being tested with your next projects this 2019 ;3 Much support from me for you \uwu/ I will look forward to the annual video of your projects for this year! >w<
Yes you do haha, sometimes it's hard to know if it's you or not! ;D And thank you lots! I did learn a lot, and all of the projects are surely coming into place. I've started the planning process for the video and will be writing the script soon. It is so much work but I love how they turn out every time :) ^-^)/ (lemon) :D
TheMiner27 (Guest)  
6 months ago  
Hey Zanz! Happy New Year! For 2019 could you update Mine Blocks to fix lag? I recently also had a neat idea, Giant Cave Snails (spawn rarely at a light level of 5 or less), when damaged (unless 1-shotted) they turn into a Shell Block, then after a few seconds they turn back to normal. When killed they drop 0-1 Shell Blocks, which wont turn into normal Cave Snails (they have low HP, being killed in one hit by everything up from stone swords.) I understand it would be hard to code but hey.
Happy New Year to you too :D! The snail idea is indeed neat! I would also have to come up with the purpose of them and their drops. But yeah Mine Blocks shouldn't be lagging that much for you these days. Are you on an rather slow computer? Have you tried the suggestions in the FAQ?
Cannoner (Guest)  
6 months ago  
Happy New Year, and a lot of lemons for everyone
Hahah you too! (lemon) (lemon) (lemon)
TheTopazRobot (Guest)  
6 months ago  
Congratulations on your achievements :D! Happy New Year! (lemon)
Thanks so much Topaz! And a happy New Year to you too! ^^ (lemon)
Vanquish (Guest)  
6 months ago  
:apartyblob: Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year Vanquish! \o/

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