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"Goodbye 2013!"
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Hey everyone! Happy New Year!

2013 was a slower year than usual, but as I realized while writing this posts, I still managed to do a lot! I wrote a post like this last year too, and I decided to make it a tradition. So here it is, a recap of everything I did this year. All links open in a new page, so check everything out!

Also, I did some color coding (because I'm crazy):

  • Cyan: New game
  • Blue: Game update
  • Orange: New music
  • Green: New video
  • Red: Site update
  • Violet: Art
  • Grey: Other








  • 1st
    : Website running on new server (Post)






Thanks for everything, guys! See you next year! (spinning smiley face)
- Zanzlanz

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"Mine Blocks 1.26!"
Mar 28, 2014 - Mine Blocks 1.26 released! Skins, minecarts, slimes, lemons, bug fixes, and less lag!
"The Place That Takes Shapes!"
Dec 20, 2013 - Links and information about the new game, Str1ngle.
"Ludum Dare 28!"
Dec 12, 2013 - Announcement for Ludum Dare #28 livestream event.
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Ghoul (Guest)  
5 years ago  
hfgdssdgdsgdfgs So that's why I couldn't comment!
Sorrrrrry! I thought everyone left ^-^ so happy it was just a glitch!
Hey guys! The comment system has been broken for a month now, and no one seemed to know XD SORRY! *cue spam*
Ghoul (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Its so quiet here.... ;(
Yeah I really should finish the account system :) tehee
Speaking of which, I just migrated the comment system a bit :D
I haven't seen spammers here in a while :D (lemon) yay!
It would be awesome if there really was a portal to go to Fault or Minecraft :D
lol. Like a web portal or a dimensional portal?
Dimensional, like his video. :)
Minecraft2DI (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Excuse me, Zanzlanz, I love your Minecraft 2D: Mine Blocks game but I have a question: How to hoe the dirt?? Because it automatically turns to grass and I can't hoe this a bug?
Hey thanks! You need water nearby :) See the help or this video for help (lemon)
StarLeaf (Guest)  
5 years ago  
StarLeaf (Guest)  
5 years ago  
lol dafuq? I wonder where QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ is at -w- then.....
I know, right??
The mystical myth of Once upon a time, a person by the name of Alex made After he magically created accounts, a mysterious person by the name of QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ has joined. He has one contact and a home site of this site. He is the ghost of Alex's dark side. He haunts this site to make sure that no one is being too friendly. The end!
Okay then. ;o
You'll take that back when you realize that was too friendly!
Bravo Boodog, bravo :D!
10/10, would read again -Barack Obama
He dont need to worry about me ;)
army man (Guest)  
5 years ago  
tehpencilmaster this is not a good thing because ghostID was in his site =(
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