"Mine Blocks 1.30 has Released!"

Hey there!

It is time for Mine Blocks Classic 1.30, the final update of the Flash version of Mine Blocks!
As expected, it's a smaller update, but I think you'll like what's new!

Check out the update video and full changelog below!

Watching this is more fun on YouTube!

Play the latest version!

Please backup your worlds before playing!
Try out the new "backup everything" feature :)

Hardcore mode!
Challenge your survival skills with hardcore mode, where you don't respawn after dying.
In hard difficulties, hostile mobs spawn more frequently and zombies can spawn with armor!
If you die in hardcore, explore your world in the new spectator mode!
To make hardcore mode more fair, sneaking invulnerability was corrected, golden apple seeds were nerfed, and over 9 duplication bugs were fixed.


Hostile spawnskins!
Map makers rejoice! There is now an aggro data tag for spawnskins, which means you can make hostile and neutral custom mobs!
And you can apply armor to spawnskins... you can even go as far as to put frost walker on their boots!


New slime block physics!
Slime blocks got a major update! Entities can be launched by pistons with slime blocks, and projectiles now ricochet off of slime blocks!
Slime blocks move attached blocks when pushed by pistons, which means: flying machines!
Several bugs were fixed relating to pistons and redstone too.


Inventory shortcuts!
Navigate your inventory much faster with shift-click to instantly craft an entire stack of items, or quickly move stuff in your inventory or chests (or any other container)!
And use pick block (the middle-mouse button) to quickly update your hotbar item to the block you're hovering over!


New block types!
Improve your bamboo-based builds with new bamboo slabs, stairs, and backdrops!
There is now gold soil, which can be used to grow golden apple trees! You can craft it by surrounding a dirt block with 4 gold ingots, or by growing a golden apple tree in a gold block.


New headgear!
You can now wear mob heads. It reduces your visibility range for mobs of the same type!
Also, a bonus effect: the ender dragon head's mouth is animated when you move!
Sheep can very rarely spawn with a mustache, and you can steal it from them with shears! Fancy!


And more!
There's a full backup and restore tool, so you can be ready when Flash is gone.
Smaller things include fire blocks, iron nuggets, and 57 tweaks, fixes, & optimizations!
There are a lot of other changes, so check out the full changelog to see what's new!


See below for all additions, bug fixes, and tweaks!

Play the latest version!

The Full Mine Blocks 1.30 Changelog:

New features:
- Hardcore mode
- Spectator mode
- Hostile and neutral spawnskins
- Zombies can now wear armor
- Spawnskins can wear armor too
- Bamboo stairs - Suggested by yeeee
- Bamboo slab
- Bamboo backdrop
- Fire is now a block type
    - Items now burn in fire
- Slime blocks bounce mobs instead of increasing their jump height
- Projectiles ricochet off of slime blocks
- Slime blocks move adjacent blocks when moved with pistons
- Backup and restore tool
- Gold soil
- Golden apple seeds use up gold blocks and gold soil when growing
- Pick block with middle-click
- Shift-clicking crafting outputs crafts the maximum amount of items
- Shift-clicking items in inventory auto-relocates them
- Mob heads can be placed over player's head
- Iron nugget
    - Iron and gold tools and armor smelt into an iron nugget or gold nugget
- Mobs behind fences no longer despawn
- Monsters spawn more frequently depending on difficulty
- Cowcti deal damage back to player after being hit with hand
- Warning for loading world from future update (a bit late on this one haha)
- Mustache
- An Easter egg
Bug fixes:
- Song volume settings apply to main menu music
- Sneaking no longer makes player hidden to hostile mobs
- 8 ways to duplicate items using containers were fixed - Thanks jonaseitor & yeeee
- Another technique to duplicate nearly anything was patched
- Player animation no longer flickers when toggling sneak
- Squid no longer spawn in overly confined spaces
- Horizontal movement no longer resets when bumping head on ceiling
- Panning is no longer reversed for mining and placing blocks
- Anvil sound is now panned
- Seaweed crafts into 3 string instead of 9
- Smite now causes damage to zombie pigmen - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Lightning no longer glitches when there are no valid places to strike - Thanks SilverTron97
- Endermen can drop diamonds again - Thanks xr.jongonzalez
- The "defaultDrops" mob data tag now works
- diamond_ore, coal_ore, and clay_block can now be placed with commands
- Saplings can now be placed on coarse dirt
- Skin name autocapitalization now always capitalizes the first letter
- Fill command can fill a maximum of 10000 blocks instead of 9999
- Furnaces and brewing stands no longer duplicate when moved with sticky pistons
- Mobs hold their breath underwater at the proper head level
- Nether and End now generate unique worlds for non-numeric seed numbers
- Crops now drop a seed even when broken prematurely - Thanks yellowtoad999YT
- Party hat recipe now accepts bone meal, lapis, and ink - Thanks TheGamerGirl
- Anvil can no longer be placed on a falling block entity - Thanks SUPER MAN
- Sticky piston arm no longer drops bedrock - Thanks yeeee
- Ice no longer leaves water when pushed by pistons - Thanks yeeee
- Chests can no longer generate with items in an invisible 28th slot - Thanks yeeee
- Glass backdrops can now be converted back to foreground blocks - Thanks Kalil The HUE
- Anvil output item updates after canceling item rename - Thanks Dube McBomb
- Snowballs shot from dispenser no longer spawn broken duplicates - Thanks PixzoLo
- Eggs shoot from dispensers properly again - Thanks CarlinhosGD
- Items held in inventory no longer vanish when using a portal - Thanks The Snowy Foxxy
- Rare world generation crash was fixed due to out of bounds skyhold - Thanks Raider1415
- Ender pearls will now teleport the player even when riding something - Thanks KSHITIJ WORLD
- Healing crystals effect now pauses with the game - Thanks KSHITIJ WORLD
- Pants item no longer becomes invisible when swapping in inventory - Thanks Axel.
- Fence gates no longer lack collision in some orientations - Thanks Crystal
- Nethereye nametag no longer rotates with the mob - Thanks WSDguy2014
- The "type" data tag now parses properly for item data lists - Thanks WSDguy2014
- Dragon healing crystals now display correctly after defeating dragon - Thanks WSDguy2014
- Pistons can no longer push obsidian block types
- Right-clicking armor will now swap it with any currently worn armor
- Gravel no longer drops flint with silk touch - Thanks yeeee
- Chicken always drop meat now - Thanks PixzoLo
- Walking across blocks without collision no longer plays sound effects
- Improved performance of block mining and mob interaction
- Golden apple seeds can only be placed on gold blocks and gold soil
- Mobs on fire get extinguished by rain
- Optimized liquid rendering
- Endermen teleport less far when taking damage
- Increased mob spawn rates in overworld
- Food can now be eaten even at full health if it can provide additional effects
- Disabled the right-click feature for Firefox
- Signs can no longer be broken by fire
- Chicken no longer drop charcoal when on fire
- Added to the jumping text in the main menu
- Renamed lily pad identifier to lily_pad

1.30.1 Changelog:

- Added Mine Blocks Beta link to main menu
- Lava sets mobs on fire
- Chest items are now sorted in the correct order
- Player no longer dies after respawning from void damage in creative
- Hardcore mode disables properly for worlds created after the first - Thanks Zell Hall
- Duplication bugs with chests fixed - Thanks yeeee & WSDguy2014
- Mining in a new creative world no longer breaks the game - Thanks Crystal
- Fire no longer damages fire-immune mobs - Thanks The Snowy Foxxy
- Armor now protects mobs from player or mob damage - Thanks The Snowy Foxxy
- Hotbar selection updates visually again in spectator mode - Thanks The Snowy Foxxy
- Cactus cows now reset hostility when they damage player - Thanks The Snowy Foxxy
- Neutral mobs now reset aggro after killing attacker - Thanks The Snowy Foxxy
- Chunks to the left of the bedrock barrier now load - Thanks WSDguy2014
- Eating particles can no longer continue indefinitely - Thanks Ya Boi Rashun
- Mobs can no longer be bred with an empty inventory slot - Thanks TheTopazRobot

1.30.2 Changelog:

- Zombies can spawn with an afro
- Chest interaction can no longer result in invalid quantities
- Item positions in ender chests are now in order
- Thorns enchantment applies to attack damage again

1.30.3 Changelog:

- Zombies don't always spawn with an afro lol - Thanks Kenton
- Worlds with ender chests no longer crash on load - Thanks TheTopazRobot

Play the latest version!


Mine Blocks Beta!
Oh yes, one last thing: Mine Blocks Beta now has a demo page! There you can test out the HTML5 port of Mine Blocks.
Just visit mineblocks.com/beta!
Of course, at this point in time, it is a very early version, so expect a very incomplete experience altogether. Updates on this soon!


Thanks for playing! Have fun with the update, and see you around!
- Zanz

Posted 8 months ago.
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