"Music Release: A Festival in Sand!"

Woah hi there!

I just released A Festival in Sand, a small electronic album with 6 tracks! Give it a listen on your platform of choice :

YouTube Music




Apple Music

Track List
1. Mirror Road Spotify - Download - Video
2. A Feeling of Tread Spotify - Download - Video
3. The Party Hat Spotify - Download
4. The Party Cactus Spotify - Download
5. Cicade Spotify - Download
6. 360 No Hope Spotify - Download - Video

Music Video
Check out the album topper, Mirror Road, in a special music video:

Watch "Mirror Road" on YouTube

I created the music video in the game framework I made - the one I'm recoding my games in and building Mine Blocks Beta with. I'm really proud to have made something like this using my own tools!

Well that's about it! I hope you enjoy the music!
If you'd like to support my music hobby and get notified of new releases, please follow me on Spotify and Bandcamp. :)

Stay tuned; the next post is about Mine Blocks!
- Zanz

Posted 3 months ago.
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