"Goodbye 2023!"

HAAAAPPY 2024!!! 🎉

It is my annual tradition to take one day to document anything I accomplished during the year. It's a satisfying way to reflect on the year, and it archives my life.

My time this year was split into three projects:
The 2023 Projects video (4 months), my new SpongeBob remix (2 months), and yesterday's 1.31 Mine Blocks release (6 months)!

Aside from that, I made some music & pixel art and had other side quests, which I've made sure to include in the post below.

Previous years' posts:
2022 | 2021 | 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

Red: Art
Green: Video
Violet: Game/project
Cyan: Music
Grey: Other milestones



  • 25th
    : Moderated 2020's Mine Blocks skin submissions


  • (I was working pretty hard on the 2023 Update video this part of the year)


  • 15th
    : 📽 Watched "The Super Mario Bros. Movie"



  • 9th
    : 📽 Watched "Across the Spiderverse"
  • 12th
    : Created a VST to launch in 2024 :)
  • 25th
    : 📽 Watched "Asteroid City"


  • (I was working primarily on Mine Blocks 1.31 around this time)


  • 2nd
    : Moderated 2021's Mine Blocks skin submissions
  • 20th
    : New Music WIP - "Quack"
  • 20th
    : Pixel Art - "Quack"


  • 3rd
    : I turned 27!



  • 24th
    : Moderated 2022's Mine Blocks skin submissions
  • 26th
    : Mine Blocks Skin - "Learndog Skin"

  • 26th
    : Mine Blocks Skin - "Apple the Red Fox Skin"

  • 27th
    : Secret Box reached 1,000,000 views on YouTube!


I feel good!!!
I really ended the year strong with that Mine Blocks 1.31 release , and it was satisfying seeing my other projects come together.

This past year I also gained experience in things I'm interested in - video editing , Blender, Unreal, VST development, After Effects plugin development, JPEG compression, ... releasing a multiplayer game haha.

It's nice feeling like I've leveled up a bit - and this feeling only really happens I make these posts at the end of the year.

Welp - hope to see you at the 2024 Projects video, next year, where I'll talk more about my plans! :D

Happy new year everyone!!
- Zanz

Posted 4 months ago.
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