"Mine Blocks 1.31 Changelog!"

The wait is over!

I've been really nervous about this moment!!
Mine Blocks 1.31 was the most mysterious update ever. For 2 years I've kept it a secret, so I'm super excited to finally share it with the world!

Check out the update video and full changelog below:

It's better to watch this on YouTube!

Play the latest version!

Please backup your worlds before playing!

Scavenger Hunt!
The main feature of this update is a mini-game called "Scavenger Hunt"!
In this mini-game, you spawn in a new world and have 8 minutes to find 10 items!

You can play solo, or with up to 6 people (or 12 with Mine Blocks Plus).

That's right - it's a multiplayer mini-game! This was the quickest way to add a form of "multiplayer" to Mine Blocks. So grab some of your friends, start a voice call together, and create a Scavenger party! :D


Mine Blocks Plus!
I've started a Mine Blocks Patreon so you can support the game directly!

As a patron, you get Mine Blocks Plus, which unlocks some Scavenger perks:

  1. Double your party size to 12 players.
  2. Skip the wait time and ads between games.
  3. And most importantly: get the dirt ball, which you can throw at your friends!

You can also directly buy Mine Blocks Plus as a gift (1 month, or 1 year) if you don't want to use Patreon, or if you want to surprise a friend!


The Composter!
There are a few smaller additions that should help you speed through!

For example, to help you quickly grow crops, the composter was added!
The composter allows you to convert plants into bone meal. You can then use the bone meal to quickly grow stuff!

Other changes include the ability to break a crafting table faster with an axe and the ability to swap inventory items quickly by pressing number keys.


See below for all additions, bug fixes, and tweaks!

Play the latest version!

The Full Mine Blocks 1.31 Changelog:

New features:
- Added Scavenger Hunt mini-game
    - Added dirt ball for players with Mine Blocks Plus
- Added composter
- Added a nicer confirmation dialog to things
- Added an easter egg 🥚
- Added number key inventory shortcut to swap items between hotbar and mouse
- Added basic console history
- Added beginner tutorial for how to move, mine, and place blocks
- Added smoke particles and fizzle sound when minecarts burn in lava
Bug fixes:
- Fixed music not working
- Fixed bats not spawning naturally
- Fixed screen resolution being too small on mobile
- Fixed incorrect item position for one frame of the mining animation
- Fixed brick being smelted from clay blocks instead of clay balls
- Fixed bottle of experience only requiring 1 level to create
- Fixed snow regions not saving with world
- Fixed being able to trigger endermen hostility while in the inventory
- Fixed compass rotation being 45 degrees off
- Fixed attempting to place a block in negative coordinates removing the block from the inventory
- Fixed holding fishing rod causing the mining animation to play
- Fixed furnaces and other slots not allowing right-click to split stacks
- Fixed different minecart types not placing properly
- Fixed player not respawning at spawn if going to main menu from respawn screen
- Fixed "Grow a Tree" achievement not working when bone meal is used
- Fixed entity graphics remaining when being destroyed by another entity
- Fixed player stopping while flying and using an item in creative mode
- Fixed rafts not burning in lava nor acid
- Fixed smoke particles missing from fire
- Fixed dragon scale armor protecting less against lava, fire, and lightning, instead of more
- Fixed redstone lamps not preventing monster spawning
- Fixed shades not always darkening the screen
- Fixed "filtered" parameter of clone command not properly reading mask block
- Fixed the second newline character (nn) not properly parsing in the say command
- Fixed spawn egg names for Mooshrooms and Cowctuses being just "Cow"
- Fixed main menu music playing before volume settings load
- Fixed rain sound ignoring the volume setting
- Fixed underwater sound associating with music volume instead of SFX volume
- Fixed furnace visually turning off between smelts
- Fixed Ender dragon being able to partially destroy beds and doors
- Fixed drinking particles not matching potion color
- Fixed player death possible in creative mode when taking enough damage at once
- Fixed Endermen attempting to place items as blocks
- Fixed some audio artifacts occurring on some platforms
- Fixed crash when entering a near-infinite seed number
- Fixed version dialog appearing for new players
- Fixed mushrooms having incorrectly colored mining particles
- Fixed trash bin icon in inventory being too dim
- Fixed main menu cursor animation resuming upon returning from game
- Fixed obsidian stairs and slabs being able to be mined by hand

- HTML5: Fixed items being linked between chests cloned by commands

- Desktop: Fixed 32-bit EXE
- Desktop: Fixed mobs only moving left
- Desktop: Fixed items in dispenser and dropper dropping but not getting removed
- Desktop: Fixed ender dragon moving too fast
- Desktop: Fixed splash potions missing their effects when launched from dispenser
- Desktop: Fixed crash when killing mob that has custom drops
- Desktop: Fixed crash when triggering summon command with custom drops without specifying the item to drop
- Desktop: Fixed rare crash when loading a world with poorly formatted data
- Tweaked enchanting table graphic
- Tweaked movement of heart and growth particles
- Tweaked mining rate of blocks
    - Bamboo slabs/stairs
    - Gold block
    - Lapis lazuli block
    - Stone brick
    - Stairs and slabs
    - Backdrops
    - Crafting table

1.31.1 Changelog:
(Released January 2, 2024)

- Added ability to drag items out of the inventory to drop them
- Added composter to creative inventory
- Fixed crashes and blank screens between Scavenger Hunt games
- Fixed duplicate player names appearing when double pressing the join party button
- Fixed invite codes failing when double pressing the create party button
- Fixed incorrect skin visual for players sitting in Scavenger Hunt
- Fixed username submit button not working in some situations
- Fixed AFK warning not counting down when viewing username change page
- Tweaked skin visual to use the sitting frame for players in a cart in Scavenger Hunt
- Tweaked position of leaderboard items tooltip while in inventory
- Tweaked F.A.Q. text
- Tweaked backdrop blocks to be in the "building blocks" category in the creative inventory
- Optimized server activity while waiting in lobby
- Desktop: Fixed crashes caused by opening the file save window

Play the latest version!


- Zanz

Posted 4 months ago.
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