"Goodbye 2022!"

WOAH slow down there 2022! Ohp - it's gone lol

Welp here we are again! Welcome to my yearly recap post, where I summarize everything I did during the year.

In comparison to 2021, this past year was more quiet for 'Zanzlanz.' I spent most of my free time on a couple very long term projects - namely a large Mine Blocks update, and contract work for my old employer. Also, last year's Projects video took a third of the year to make though lol! 2023 shall be a different story...

Also new to this year's post is that I'll include some IRL stuff I did! Starting in March, I started reaching out to friends and arranging events to do each week. This made 2023 socially fulfilling, which is unusual coming from a guy who basically lives and breathes game development lol

Alrighty, be sure to explore the images and links below to look back at what I did this year!

Previous years' posts:
2021 | 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

Red: Art
Green: Video
Violet: Project update
Cyan: Music
Grey: Miscellaneous stuff



  • • Just worked on the 2022 Project video...


  • • Stilllll just working on the video...
  • • Had smoothies with my grandparents
  • • Ate hot wings with the bois
  • • Caught up with some college friends


  • • ...hey you try animating something. It's hard! ;D
  • • Watched Turning Red with my bro & sis-in-law
  • • Watched The Secrets of Dumbledore with my coworkers
  • • Caught up with high school friends for the first time in 8 years


  • 7th
    : Video - "2022 Projects - Create New World"

  • • Disc golfed with a friend for the first time in years
  • • Had nachos with some local game developers
  • • Ate dinner at the grandparents'


  • 19th
    : Added 3D mode to Texture Tiler 1.0.6

  • • Watched fireworks with a friend
  • • Had a night out to watch a friend's parents do standup
  • • Caught up with a friend from afar


  • 12th
    : Music - "Piano Doodle 2022/07/12"
  • 16th
    : Update Mine Blocks Wiki with cool features from @TwoBits (View the tweet)
  • 22nd
    : Music - "Sarah Mary Williams"
  • 22nd
    : Music - "A Fraction of the Power"
  • • Watched another fireworks show alone
  • • Had dinner with the ol' college crew again
  • • Spent time with the grandparents again
  • • Had dinner with Pik before he moved... to Japan
  • • Watched Everything Everywhere All At Once with a friend


  • • Was working entirely on contract work on the side
  • • Went to a wedding



  • • Caught up on a huge amount of Mine Blocks 1.31 work :)
  • • Watched Zak Toscani perform a comedy set
  • • Attended a funeral :c



  • 1st
    : Finished posting daily for 31 days on Cohost
  • 31st
    : Added new Mine Blocks skin search keywords in celebration of 10,000 skins
  • 31st
    : Wrote the "Goodbye 2022!" post you're currently reading!
  • • Watched Avatar 2 with my folks
  • • Partied with coworkers and friends

The year went by super slowfast, didn't it? While it seemed like I didn't "accomplish" a lot, I actually did a lot of hard work and still found time to be with friends and family pretty much the whole way through.

If you're following along, you'll be seeing more from me in 2023 than you did this year - and I'll share those plans with you in my yearly Projects video, coming in hopefully February! :D

I hope you all had a good 2022, and I wish you all the best in 2023!
In the comments on this post, let me know what your 2022 was like, and if you're thinking 2023 will be different or the same for you :)

Happy 2023!
- Zanz

Posted 1 year ago.
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