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Canadian indie game developer :)

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My master (lemon)
Where'd you go :c ? Please come back, I'll give you a (lemon)!
This is... amazing! The game looks so fabulous!! Fantastic work, Zanz :)
Woah there, that's quite a nice list! Congrats on all these milestones, and events. You're awesome!! Keep on rockin' (lemon)
I believe it's Daymond :)

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I'm an admin (see the pink text) please give me all your monies or get band
Do what the guy above says, he's serious
It's your FAULT I'm commenting here! (hehe, I'm so funny... anyone?)
*so many crickets*
Ghosty, why is ur name Bernardo? O^O o^o 0^0
Zanzlanz did that xD
LOL hahahaha shhh
And here is another comment. :D
Hm you're right, you don't have any comments on your profile! Here's one for you! <3 Thenkyoocommagan! ;D
Thank yeww :3 Btw, you guessed correctly on "I think water tastes like water". It does ;D
Thanks for clarifying. Here have a water: #water
/give zanzlanz hug ;D
hugO(GhostID, hugI[0]); ^___^
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