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Hi! I am the owner of this site! I'm a game developer and music producer. You can read more about me here: ?

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Well, I certainly did that for both 1.27 and 1.28 :)
Well it's no rush :) If you're interested enough in the game, you could wishlist it so you can revisit the game when you're able to get it. Or can always give the demo a try :) Glad to hear you're working towards making a game. I encourage you to just jump right into developing it :D
Hey :D! Well if you are interested in the game, check out the free demo. It's the full Part 1 of the game :) [By the way I have to say the end of your comment is perfect]
Thank you Neft! I appreciate the wishes! :D The free demo is a good 1/3 of the game (and your save will carry over to the full game if you decide to buy it), so if you just want to give it a go, that's always an option ^^
WOAH :O! I do! That's so cool of you, thanks for the really nice message and image! (lemon) (I replied there as well )

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Zanzlanz is a lemon!
Monsieur @Boodog is a (lemon)! :D
This comment shall be the first comment to ever be edited from the page: DONE! (lemon) (smiley face)
Potato is back! yay ! I can now test editing replys :D
I have no idea, how to edit replies:( :D
You press the edit button by your comment. It's there for 2 days after you post.
Hello there, I am testing a thing!
Project 3d →
o__o I was so confused when I saw two things in my test database. Hahaha! And yeah that is indeed Project 3D! (lemon)
That was meant to be a comment to someone asking about Mineblocks 3... I have no idea how it got there...
Wait... what! Really? xD I think I deleted the original comment, manually reverted the comment ID, and made my own comment to replace it before you sent out YOUR comment. What a neat coincidence :D
Okay, one last test (lemon) lol! (smiley face)
I found 2 bugs - 1) chat isnt loading? 2) (Potato) (Potato) (Potato) (Potato) omg!
1) Yes it is 2) wut xD
This is like an admin club xD
I think zanz is the only admin in the site? Lol.
Oh yeah I guess so! GhostID used to be. Sorry Ghost. :3
I forgive you, Dr.Zanzbert :c haha jk it's cool :3
So what caused you to take Ghost out of admin position?
For technicality's sake, Danidre :)
Uh McMan you know comments can't have likes...
Oh... I thought I was commenting on your video
Good Job Zanzti! xD Can I delete you too? xD jk
Hahaha delete me?! Why would you want to delete me?! xD :D
WOAHH.. Nice
Lol MinecraftMan xD
Checking out the cool new site updates :p
Haha hai there. :)
First ever user comment page :)
:DDD. Im belpow you thou, how you gonna explain this o.O! Ok its a old and stolen joke... :D
I didn't say first comment ;)
Omg can't let the comment chain get lost in time :D! Obligatory lem(lemon)n!
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