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I'm StarLeaf, I love waffles, horses, green and yellow. I also am a FEMALE and I also like pancakes. My favorite fruit is........ the peach! ^w^ I like using custom faces not just :( and :). My emotion: ~/~ ^w^ {Age:12}

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Alliance sounds awesome! ^*^
Zanzlanz said it's fixed in the next update... (I have the same problem owo)
I died in the Nether and I got stuck there. He's gonna fix this in the next update I think...
But its really scary and it's realllly FUN!!!! I got the demo of both of them. ^*^
Cool! I like the girl the most ^*^. When I read your "How To"s I waz like dang this is long.

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So... Many.... Comments...! O'Hey Starry C:
So much money needed o^o! Hai Ghosty!!!!!!!!!! ~u~
$50.25 per comment.
Do you accept the waffle and lemon currency?
Yeah I haz a lot of le waffles and + I haz a lemon tree
You've got an account! That would be $99.99 per month please! (Trollface)
I didn't know you knew how to do that face! XD And yes, $99.99 plus shipping and handling... (We need to ship the internet to you every month)
OMFG ;^; Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I ^ I
Wait a minute.... YOU KNOW MY ADDRESS?!?!?!
I think I did it accidentally o_O
Hahaha you're a natural troll ;D
You can get your YouTube URL by following the steps here: :D :D :D :D :D
OHHHHHH Thanks Zanz! ^*^ ^3^
Yay, you have an account. :3 awesome
ikr >U< ^*^
Hi Starry! Welcome to my accounts! ;) ;3 :D
Hai Zanz! ^*^
Hahaha! Hope you enjoy your stay! (lemon)
I will! Zanz, how do I put in my utube channel? -w-
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