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1 ½ years since I started the website redesign.
2 years since I started working at Dreaming Door Studios.
2 ½ years since I started working on the Mine Blocks 1.29 update.

It's crazy how long it's been since I've release something big! But it makes sense: I spent a lot of time studying at university, and then when I wasn't at school, I was working full time at Dreaming Door Studios. On top of that, I was working on even more projects at the same time (RettoBot, Spike Tower, Frisbio, a game engine, and more)!

So because of that, early this year I started to direct all of my attention to finish Mine Blocks and the website redesign, so I could release them faster. And they're getting real close!

In this post, I will explain where I'm at with each of the three projects:

The Website Redesign

As many of you know, I have been redesigning every page of After I finished redesigning most of the main site, I went on to do the accounts system as well. And that ended up being a pretty big project.

The account settings page, my user profile, and the messaging system.

The accounts system is currently only used by me, friends, and moderators, but eventually I would like to release it for everyone else as well. So I spent a while recreating profile pages, settings, chat, messaging, comments, and login/registration. I vastly improved security, performance, and overall design, which makes me a lot more confident with eventually sharing it with more people!

The latest thing I've been working on for the redesign is the "doodles" page, which is the new home for all of my miscellaneous work, including generative art, digital art, tools, abandoned demos, and other small side projects.

Examples of the doodles page on desktop and mobile. I only made posts up to August 2015 so far, so there are tons still to enter!

So what's left of the redesign?

Well once I'm finished with the doodles pages, all I have left to redesign is the donate page! After that, I just have a short list of tasks to do, like making a "fullscreen" button for games. That stuff shouldn't take too long.

Unfortunately though, I recently found out that I have to switch my sites to a different server completely. I've never done this before, so I'm not sure how complicated it will be to switch servers. I will just have to take my time and make sure it's done properly before I launch the update.

After all that, the last thing I will do is make a video about the redesign, to compare how the pages changed, and explaining the various design decisions I made along the way. I think this will be a great capstone for the project, and a good way to say goodbye to the old design. Interestingly, creating the video is the hardest part left to do!

And don't worry! I didn't forget about Phil.

Golden Treasure

I'm a full-time programmer at Dreaming Door Studios, helping bring the game Golden Treasure: The Great Green to life.

"Golden Treasure is a game for those who carry dragons in their hearts. Hunt, explore, survive, and become Great among the True Children of Sun and Earth."

The gameplay trailer, showing off how the game looks and feels.

We're getting really close to the full launch of the game! In fact, we even have a release date: June 17, 2019!

If you can't wait to get your hands on it, definitely play our free demo on Steam! It's a surprisingly large demo, featuring an entire map of unique experiences and hidden secrets to discover.

We're active on Twitter and Facebook, so come say hi and follow our progress as we wrap up the final stages of development.
And if you'd like to get a notification when we go live, wishlist Golden Treasure on Steam:

Dreaming Door has been a big part of my life for the past couple of years. It's insanely cool to be a part of a great team to make a beautiful game happen. So I can't wait to see how the Golden Treasure release will go, and I hope you guys enjoy!

Mine Blocks 1.29

I'm really looking forward to finally releasing Mine Blocks 1.29!
It's been way too long since the last update, and I'm eager to start the increasingly urgent Haxe port of the game.

But that being said... 1.29 is SO close to being done!

I actually only have one last small feature to add before all planned features have been added to the update. There are also around 19 bugs to investigate - these are ones you guys reported to me over the years. These usually don't take too long to get through, thankfully.

Just one of the many ways to hide your secret cake lair! Skin is Luis by Luis.

After those last tasks are done, the update will be pretty much done! I will just need to go through all of the changes to make sure they work as intended without crazy bugs.
And at that point, I will be working on the update video, creating the changelog, and writing posts to get ready for release!

Other stuff

You can probably see why it's hard to give straight release dates - the projects get pretty complicated! So I hope this post gave you a good glimpse of where I'm at with everything.

As a side-note, I'm hoping to launch the Patreon on the month of the website and Mine Blocks releases. So it will be another thing for me to coordinate alongside the other projects. But I'll save that topic for when I have more information about it!

In the meantime, join me on Discord to keep updated on these projects! (And hi everyone who has joined already! You're neat!)

Thanks for reading <3
- Zanz

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Bauti (Guest)  
6 days ago  
You should put the party hat music in the 1.29 chagelog video
Well, I certainly did that for both 1.27 and 1.28 :)
Janefel (Guest)  
1 week ago  
Is there gonna be new biomes in 1.29, also new types of wood cause I want to get new wood types ya know.
Neftall (Guest)  
1 week ago  
I have placed an emotional message in the reddit of mineblocks, next to an image edited by me. I hope you like it.
WOAH :O! I do! That's so cool of you, thanks for the really nice message and image! (lemon) (I replied there as well )
Neftall (Guest)  
1 week ago  
Brother, is there a place to post fan-made maps? I'm doing one and I have a doubt about where to put it publicly when I finish it ... And I wanted to ask you if there is a particular place where to publish my world ...
There's no forum or place like the skins pages exactly, but why not post it in the Mine Blocks Discord under the showcase channel? :) Additionally, maybe post it on the Mine Blocks subreddit: :)
Joyah67 (Guest)  
1 week ago  
Man, I haven't been on here in a long time. I didn't even know that you where still working on this stuff! I searched Prelude of the Chambered, then your game poped up, I had a huge nostalgia kick because back when I was like... 10? I think, maybe even younger (14 now) I used to play your games all the time. Thank you for the great childhood! It's nice to have you back!
Agh gosh these comments are super nice :D It's weird that my version of Prelude of the Chambered shows up high on the list when searching for it. If I were to go back in time, I'd have chosen a better name so I didn't mess with Notch's SEO haha. But hey at least it reunited you with my work! c: (lemon) So thanks a bunch for dropping by and commenting!
SuperSalty (Guest)  
1 week ago  
Been on a nostalgia kick recently (used to post as Mr. Awesome, on the off chance you remember that) and it's always great to see people whose work I loved years ago still doing what they love. It's amazing to me that you can find the time, between big projects like the redesign and the studio that you work for, that you can still find the time to update some goofy fan game you made in high school, just for the enjoyment of your fans! See ya in another 3 years when I get nostalgic for right now!
Oh woah! Yeah I do remember :D Thanks so much for stopping by and catching up on what I've been up to! My time is definitely split up a lot lol, but with the game studio happening during the week, I have the entire weekend to work on my personal projects like Mine Blocks and the redesign. It's a lot of fun, so the work is definitely worth it for me. Hope to see you around! (lemon)
Norman (Nebu (Guest)  
1 week ago  
OH NO ZANZLANZ Flash won't work in 2020, remember? WE NEED TO START TRANSFERRING EVERYTHING TO ANOTHER PLATFORM RIGHT AFTER THE UPDATE, I don't want to see this game die after all these years that are my childhood...
Yes, I'm porting my games to Haxe. :) Including Mine Blocks - but that will be a subject for after the 1.29 update. ^^
Endercraft (Guest)  
1 week ago  
Hey Zanz, what happened to mine blocks 3, the 3D game you were building
I guess you're referring to Project 3D :) Was a really fun experiment. I remade it as a more "professional" raytracer and a shader, but that's about it. Interestingly, raytracing will soon be more and more practical for games, so the experience will be pretty useful.
Mr Noobston (Guest)  
2 weeks ago  
Hi! Zanzlanz,I started playing your games for 6 months Especially MineBlocks,And i wanted to tell you that Mineblocks is one of my favourite games that i play EVERYDAY!!!,Can you plz add Horses,Saddle,And Village with Villagers,I know that it will be hard but that will be AWESOME to release it in MineBlocks version 1.30 *After releasing MineBlocks version 1.29 ofcource* And Thx again for making these awesome games,You are an AWESOME games developer and programmer,You are the BEST!,Keep going :D
:OOO thank you for your motivation and support Mr. Noobston! That's really cool Mine Blocks is one of your favorites. Hopefully the next update will be good! c: I certainly will keep going! Thanks again dude ^^
NoobPigGamer (Guest)  
2 weeks ago  
You can achieve it Zanzlanz! All your games are amazing! Cof Cof *Especially Fynnland and MB* Cof Cof Good Job!
Awhh thanks a ton! It's really nice to hear you like Fynnland! We have so much planned for it that I wish I could share, and I just can't wait to work on it more :) Same for Mine Blocks, but that one is coming soon (lemon)!
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