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Oops, sorry about that there yeet.

So, one part of my plans for this year was to share my development process more closely with you guys. And one of the ways to accomplish that is to create Discord servers!

Therefore, here are two brand new Discord servers!

The Mine Blocks Discord is where players can share builds, maps, skins, ideas, and stories!
It's a good place to hang out with other people who enjoy the Mine Blocks and Mine Blocks 2.

The Zanzlanz Discord features everything else, including a closer look at the things I'm working on.
If you're interested in game development or other creative projects, you can share your creations and get feedback from others!

And in case you missed it, at the end of January I posted the yearly projects video for 2019.
If you're interested in hearing more about my plans for the year, check it out below!

Well that's all I have for this post. But stay tuned, because more big news is coming very soon.

Stay in touch guys! See you around!
- Zanzlanz

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TheMiner27 (Guest)  
4 months ago  
So, in reply to the last time, my computer isn't *particularly* laggy, but its an odd issue; sometimes its fine, other times I end up moving my cursor and the game is just slow to respond and move the block target accordingly. (it also lags when I try to move sometimes, nothing happens and then I move way too far for just a small *tap*) And, as for the snail shells: 1. Decorations. 2. A note block sound..? 3. Fancy swirls in builds. Sorry for commenting it here - I don't have social media. 🍋
My website was updated a couple weeks ago to improve the performance of all of my games. Don't know if that would help! Thanks for thinking up some details regarding your idea btw! It's definitely an interesting idea!!
sadvans (Guest)  
4 months ago  
(previously known as RockerGirl) (have upgraded since the ripe years of 2016-2017) (or however long ago) (not sure, I'm not the best at rememberin' certain things)(anyways,,) sALUTATIONS AND ALL FORMAL GREETINGS ZANZ, very very excited to see new things from you! I've been off for a while, god knows why, but I'm looking to stick a long for the ride and view all of the magnificent things your creative mind has to birth into the world! Might pop in to see what the server has to behold too! <3 (lemon)
Heyy nice to see you! Hopefully I will remember that the new name is you! XD Thanks so much again for your niceness (and fun ways of wording things ^^) as always <3 I hope to see you around!
Crystalâť„Sn (Guest)  
4 months ago  
It's amazing to see how your projects are progressing this year, Zanz! : D Pleased to be part of the servers ^ w ^ Success of my part for you with your other projects! <3
Hey thanks a bunch Crystal! It's fun to have you around in the servers! c: I'm really excited about these projects coming together. Hoping this all keeps going well :D
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