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"Goodbye 2017!"
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Goodbye 2017, and hello traditional yearly recap!

Previous years' posts: 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

This year I turned 21 (!), was an intern, started my last year of school, made 1 new game & 2 new musics, and learned a lot:
I learned how to use Electron, Haxe, Juce, OpenGL, Quadtrees, Bezier curves, and market charts.

Below is pretty much everything I accomplished in 2017. Click anything you're interested in!

Cyan: New game
Blue: Game update
Orange: New music
Green: New video
Red: Site update
Violet: Art
Purple: A 'thing' (usually generative)
Grey: Other



  • 30th
    : I can't think of anything interesting for February xD



  • 18th
    : Twisty ribbon things [1] [2]






  • 3rd
    : I turned 21!
  • 23rd
    : Haxe magic cube wall things [1] [2] [3]



  • 4th
    : Quadtree things [1] [2]

  • 16th
    : Mobius floater things [1] [2]


  • 12th
    : Started a trading bot backtester????
  • 31st
    : I wrote this post! :3

2017 was a year of learning and growth! I think 2018 will be the year of putting it all to good use!
I'll be talking more about what next year will bring in "2018 Projects Video" which is coming out in January on my YouTube :D

I wish you an amazing year!!
- Zanzlanz

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Asdrubal jose (Guest)  
1 year ago  
zanz MB 2 37%
And MB 237%? :D
Mine Blocks (Guest)  
1 year ago  
So, you 21 and 1.28 is out! whenever you introducted the command book in mine blocks, I thought that if you shift and click, i will open an page to every single command you can type! But its not :( Can you add an boss called the "Zanzlanz Boss" please! It would be cool!
Mine Blocks (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Zanz, whenever I'm older, When i am an youtuber, Your gonna be my first ever 1. favorite youtuber!!! "lemon"
Mine Blocks (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Ummm........Zanz, I have an problem:( Soooooooo.......a day ago, I was playing mine blocks until....I had to update My computer. So then I went to mine blocks again and its blurry now! so, do you know what this means? MINE BLOCKS MOBILE!!!! plz make it come out soon ok!
NguyenZX (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Happy New Year!
lovelyn (Guest)  
1 year ago  
goodbye 2017 because I want to see updates in games espesialy mineblocks and roblox also minecraft
Player (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Maybe new mobs from minecraft TO MINE BLOCKS?
imthesameguy (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Hey there zanz. Cool to see you're still doing lively and well :D congrats on turning 21. Keep codin' and keep jammin'
the yolo (Guest)  
1 year ago  
a dios 2017
Viktoras Pla (Guest)  
1 year ago  
So, anything about 1.29? Also some amazing work done this year, keep it up plz!
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