"What's up This Summer?!"

Oh hey! :D

I've been meaning to make a post about what's been going on lately. Guess I've just been a bit busy though!

Well here's a bunch of stuff that's been going on:

I'm Employed!

I couldn't get away with working on only Zanzlanz-related things all summer. So I ended up getting a full-time job at a local start-up game development company. I'm an intern, doing codey things!
To be honest, I really like it there. The people are awesome, which it makes it super worth it.

The job is just a summer thing for now. When it ends, I start up my last year of university. In the meantime I'll still try to work on Zanzlanzish things of course!

This art I made has nothing to do with the post. xD

10,000 Subscribers!

YES! My YouTube channel actually reached 10K subscribers! YouTube was my first real experience with social media, so seeing the channel still do well is amazing to see!
I wanted to do something in celebration of 10K, but I'm a bit too busy with the job and stuff... sorry :c

Also, Mine Blocks on Twitter reached 3,000 followers! :D Thanks so much again!


Last week I upgraded the webserver for all of my websites. I converted everything to HTTPS, which adds a pretty green lock symbol next to the URL! :D

So if you see any issues with the site, let me know please! Mine Blocks's skin service was broke because of it, but now it should be fixed.

This is the number of play reports per day. You can clearly see when the service was broke. xD

Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch!

I joined the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch for some reason! IDK why I thought I'd have enough time for it, but... we'll see! xD
It's basically a competition where during each round, I have 2 weeks to make one music track from scratch.

Edit: Auditions are over! I got 68th out of 65 places (I was .4% away from being part of it! Two judges seem to have had a disposition to it). I think this is reaaally for the better though - I didn't want to spend so much time on a competition while I was already so busy xD

Ruirize Dubstep Remix Thing!

Kinda late on this one! But when I made the Hexagon and On track, Jijo (whom I met through my friend Dek's Path to the Sky community) showed a friend called Ruu about it, and he played it on AudioShield during a VR livestream:

Really cool! Anyway, a bit later, I joined in his livestream where he actually made music in a VR app called EXA. This led to me remixing his loop into a short dubstep track! :3

I really enjoy swaths of nickels, so if you would like to send me a few nickels, you can buy the track! Or download it for free, if you're fresh out of nickels! :3

Mine Blocks 1.29?

As some of you know, I'm in the midst of rewriting ALL of the mobs in Mine Blocks. It's incredibly time consuming. This involves shuffling around 10,000 lines of code!

I'm about half way done with that. I'm sorta getting to some of the new features of the update at the same time though. :)


That's about it! I'm working on Frisbio, Spike Tower, Dubnia Studio, and a new SpongeBob remix, but I'll save those for later!
Thanks so much for sticking around and for reading this post! <3

Yours truly,
- Zanzlanz

Posted 6 years ago.
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