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"Hexagon and On and On and On!"
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Hi friends!

Hexagon and On, my 8-minute chiptune track, is out now! Listen free, or throw me a dollar or two to own the track :)

It's inspired in-part by Chipzel's Super Hexagon OST, and originally made for Serponge's Geometry Dash level recreating Super Hexagon, an incredibly fun original game by Terry Cavanagh!

If you want to use it on your own Geometry Dash level, use the song ID: 732494

$1.00 (pay what you want)
(Best way to support me!)
Free to listen!

Free to listen
Free to listen
Free to listen
Google Play Store

Thanks for everything! I hope you enjoy the music!
- Zanzlanz

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takua (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Patrick: SECRET BOX! I love that album (can't wait to see episode. Coz of funny transcipt)
takua (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Awwww . . . I still haven't listened to it.
FG (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Cool! I didn't expect this lol
Hey FG :D! Yeah it came out of nowhere, really - I decided to take on the project about 2.5 weeks before it released :D
Richard (Guest)  
1 year ago  
i'm back zanzy boy! this song is awesome and reminds me of playing super hexagon back in the day, even though i still cannot play the game at all! (lemon) (lemon)
Hahaha hi Richard! (lemon) Thanks! It takes a lot of time to get really good at the game haha :D I still have a lot of fun playing it though! (lemon)
Takua (Guest)  
1 year ago  
awwww . . . I wanna listen to it SO BADLY!!! but the sound is muted coz I don't think this computer's sound is working.
takua (Guest)  
1 year ago  
cool, it is about time another album came out! Hey zanz, I have an idea for the J block in mine blocks! the 'J golem!' p.s: does anyone know how to get lemons???!!!
Haha yes, the track was pretty much a 2-week project while I work (very occasionally) on a remix and another album :D Why do I work on so much stuff at once?! xD
Martinboxgam (Guest)  
1 year ago  
3,000 tons of awesomeness in every note :D
Hahahaha oh youu xD Thanks for commenting! (lemon) (lemon)
CriX UnLimit (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Wow Awesome :D
Thanks again, amigo! (smiley face)
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