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Hi, I have no idea what I am right now, but I want to make fun games for everyone to play together. As well as create animations, music, art.....I hope you guys can help me. I'll appreciate all I can get!
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I accept your formal apology made in that video xD
Hey Zanz. I don't currently have $3 a month to give, but if I had, I'd be enticed if you made a Discord tag or upload videos more frequently with credits thanking me lol. Maybe $5 too if that allowed you to release a 2 minute song at least once a month :3
But exclusivity I'd like would be Patreon only access to new updates/work in progress/devlogs *looks at all those update bars for those projects on the homepage*
Instead of the occasional checking in to see the percentage bar randomly increased
Danidre says:
On Danidre's profile.
ItsDanidre has now evolved into his final form, Danidre! *Makes universal woosh sound*! (Lemon)

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