"A Small Mine Blocks 1.29.1 Patch!"

Hey again everyone!

Mine Blocks 1.29 was released recently! To see that update, click here!
It felt great to finally make another update to Mine Blocks. :)

But as usual, you guys found a bunch of little bugs for me to fix, so here's another little update!

See below for the full Mine Blocks 1.29.1 changelog!

Fake pig gif
The command above is simple. It's just:

give command_book 1 0 {command:'summon spawnskin 1 ~ ~ {skin:15868, name:"Fake Pig", health:10, drops:[{item:{id:"porkchop", name:"Fake Pork"}, quantity:0, bonus:2, lootBonus:2, onFire:false}, {item:{id:"porkchop_cooked", name:"Fake Cooked Pork"}, quantity:0, bonus:2, lootBonus:2, onFire:true}, {item:{id:"bacon", name:"Fake Bacon"}, quantity:0, bonus:2, lootBonus:2, chance:{min:0, max:0.33333, lootOffset:0.33333}, onFire:false}, {item:{id:"bacon_cooked", name:"Fake Cooked Bacon"}, quantity:0, bonus:2, lootBonus:2, chance:{min:0, max:0.33333, lootOffset:0.33333}, onFire:true}]}', name:'Spawn Fake Pig'}

Play the latest version!

Always backup your worlds before playing!

The Full Mine Blocks 1.29.1 Changelog:

- Removed right-click menu in EXE - ToroFoxArmy
- Added missing Newgrounds medal for creating a nether portal - HerbieG
- Provided a downloadable version for Flash Player 11.1 (the latest version Android supports) - IKEA BIRD
- Increased maximum command length from 256 to 1024 characters
- Potions can now be drunk again
- Chicken with shades have 100% chance to drop again
- Removed the option to start a world in Adventure mode
- Passive mobs run when frightened again - Brendan887
- Cows stop frightened running after enough time - Brendan887
- Dogs attack the last mob the player hit again - Brendan887
- You can no longer click on hotbar items while paused or in the inventory - Brendan887
- Slime blocks reduce fall damage to mobs again - Brendan887
- Firing a bow on a raft no longer causes errors - Brendan887
- Splash potions no longer clamp mob health to max health - Brendan887
- Tweaked graphic to cow and chicken mob eggs - Brendan887
- The character's walk animation continues when in an interface - Brendan887
- Sheep can no longer move while eating - Brendan887
- Blocks without access to air cannot catch on fire - TheTopazRobot
- Fill command fill info displays width and height instead of secondary coordinates - TheTopazRobot
- Beds from previous versions no longer vanish - TheTopazRobot
- Darkened chosen inventory tab - TheTopazRobot
- You cannot use empty creative inventory slots to get rid of an item like you can with other slots - TheTopazRobot
- Gave chickens with shades (in older versions) their shades back - TheTopazRobot
- Anvils reset properly when items are swapped - WSDguy2014
- Milk now uses the drink animation - WSDguy2014
- Health no longer appears to regenerate when dead - WSDguy2014
- Added back the cow hurt sound - WSDguy2014
- Fixed flickering of hearts when health is low - WSDguy2014
- Creepers no longer play death animation when exploding - theOWNER
- Odd rock ore provides XP, extra drops, and can no longer be mined by hand - theOWNER
- Falling blocks properly land on replaceable blocks and fall through non-solid blocks - Crystal
- Liquids no longer repeatedly replace the block between two sources - [CuteDonut]
- Lily pads no longer break rafts - DavyLuis
- Fixed being unable to pick up items matching against blank data tags - Herosteve198G
- Killing the parent of a mob no longer breaks the game - Donatello
- Bed no longer reset their color when mined - Virus the Hitchhiking Nazgûl
- Splash damage potions now work on mobs at full health - ぴーぽー
- Summon command quantity is now limited to 20 mobs - CarlinhosGD
- Pistons no longer leave duplicated block states - Mini
- Squid now take damage to lava and acid - robert
- Loot data tag "chance" now applies to drop table
- Block data tag "powered" renamed to "activated"
- Replaced "spawn" with "summon" in the help command list
- Added "say" to the help command list
- Fire now produces light properly
- Rafts no longer go faster in one direction than the other
- Odd rock ore now takes longer to mine with pickaxes
- Pistons can now only be mined with pickaxes
- Fishing rods pull mobs in the correct direction
- The walk animation no longer plays while flying
- "Beetroot Seeds" name and identifier changed to "Beetroot Seed"
- Moved the Zanzlanz splash screen 20 pixels lower because it was totally necessary

Play the latest version!

So what's next??

Very soon I will be working on the features my Haxe game engine needs before I can work on the Mine Blocks port. Mainly this is just optimization and blend mode fixes. Those things are notoriously really hard for me to do though, for some reason. So we'll see how it goes! After that, I will start porting Mine Blocks to Haxe!

Also I will be working on my Patreon profile. I'll be planning out the rewards, goals, and price tiers that are involved. If you have any suggestions, please write them in the comments below! What would entice YOU to give me $3 a month? I would like to make an announcement video for it too - maybe after I launch it though?

Lastly, if you're going to GDEX, I'll be there with a couple of my co-workers showing off Golden Treasure!

Have a great week!
- Zanz

Posted 1 year ago.
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