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Hi! I am the owner of this site! I'm a game developer and music producer. You can read more about me here: ツ

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For every lemon feature I add, I will remove a normal feature... until the game is completely void of non-lemon related things. Mine Blocks will then be renamed Lemon Lemons. (lemon)
I would like to add entity chunking first, so it wont be in the next update. I'd love to do a big redstone update at some point :D
Could it be!!? The one and only! It's nice to see you! :) Thanks for the kind comment - I hope all the work in 2018 will start proving useful this year! And I hope you are doing well! (lemon)
Doing well, thanks! Excited to be making good work on my projects :D How about you?
Yes you do haha, sometimes it's hard to know if it's you or not! ;D And thank you lots! I did learn a lot, and all of the projects are surely coming into place. I've started the planning process for the video and will be writing the script soon. It is so much work but I love how they turn out every time :) ^-^)/ (lemon) :D

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This comment shall be the first comment to ever be edited from the page: DONE! (lemon) (smiley face)
Potato is back! yay ! I can now test editing replys :D
I have no idea, how to edit replies:( :D
You press the edit button by your comment. It's there for 2 days after you post.
Hello there, I am testing a thing!
Project 3d →
o__o I was so confused when I saw two things in my test database. Hahaha! And yeah that is indeed Project 3D! (lemon)
That was meant to be a comment to someone asking about Mineblocks 3... I have no idea how it got there...
Wait... what! Really? xD I think I deleted the original comment, manually reverted the comment ID, and made my own comment to replace it before you sent out YOUR comment. What a neat coincidence :D
Okay, one last test (lemon) lol! (smiley face)
I found 2 bugs - 1) chat isnt loading? 2) (Potato) (Potato) (Potato) (Potato) omg!
1) Yes it is 2) wut xD
This is like an admin club xD
I think zanz is the only admin in the site? Lol.
Oh yeah I guess so! GhostID used to be. Sorry Ghost. :3
I forgive you, Dr.Zanzbert :c haha jk it's cool :3
So what caused you to take Ghost out of admin position?
For technicality's sake, Danidre :)
Uh McMan you know comments can't have likes...
Oh... I thought I was commenting on your video
Good Job Zanzti! xD Can I delete you too? xD jk
Hahaha delete me?! Why would you want to delete me?! xD :D
WOAHH.. Nice
Lol MinecraftMan xD
Checking out the cool new site updates :p
Haha hai there. :)
First ever user comment page :)
:DDD. Im belpow you thou, how you gonna explain this o.O! Ok its a old and stolen joke... :D
I didn't say first comment ;)
Omg can't let the comment chain get lost in time :D! Obligatory lem(lemon)n!
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