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"Goodbye 2016!"
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Goodbye 2016, and hello traditional yearly recap! Here's the 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 posts.

Below is pretty much everything I did in 2016. Click on anything you're interested in!
This year I included pictures in the post, since a lot of my work this year was generative art!

Cyan: New game
Blue: Game update
Orange: New music
Green: New video
Red: Site update
Violet: Art
Purple: A 'thing' (usually generative)
Grey: Other













  • 15th
    : Started a 3D MMO...????
  • 31st
    : I wrote this post :3

Phew! What a great year! I'm really excited about where things are going!
I'll be talking about what 2017 will bring in a video coming out next week on my YouTube :D

Have a great 2017, friends!
- Zanzlanz

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aldi (Guest)  
1 week ago  
το καλιερο παιχνιδι
"The best game" Lol, I assume you mean Mine Blocks. Random, but thanks, glad you like it!!
karollyn (Guest)  
1 week ago  
muinto legal
Youtuber (Guest)  
1 week ago  
Byebye 2016
Manuel (Guest)  
1 week ago  
irondude (Guest)  
1 week ago  
whhheeeeew it's been a long 2016, and I haven't checked in on zanz forever, good to see you've released the update for mb1, and all that, man, you've been working hard zanz ^^, happy belated new year! lol (P.S: doubt you'd remember me since I haven't commented in months, but here's a suggestion, look into, it'd be a great way to keep up with your fans ;)
So much stuff happened, yeah! I hope to actually release more things in 2017 though :) And I remember irondude, it's only been a few months xD I hope to see you around in 2017 :D
josgame (Guest)  
1 week ago  
feliz ao nuevo quiero que se actuakize ya mine blocks
Kalil (Guest)  
2 weeks ago  
Hi Zanz! I'm so happy that you are learning new things every year and is putting them on your games's development! I hope MB1 and 2 get famous, and that your 3D MMO comes soon! Happy New Year, and continue with the good work!
Hii! Thank you so much for the support and encouragement, Kalil! All this learning has been incredibly useful already - I'm excited to bring it all together and make big things happen in the next year or two! I think the 3D MMO will be ready in a couple months? Happy New Year!! (lemon)!
julian (Guest)  
2 weeks ago  
hola ojala este juego este en espaol abla julian
mariano (Guest)  
2 weeks ago  
los juegos de zanzlanz son los mejores
gabriel el p (Guest)  
2 weeks ago  
feliz ao nuevo
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