"Brand New Games Page!"

Hey there!

I just swapped out the old games page with a sparkling new one!

The old one was made around 6 years ago in Flash, before I even switched to Zanzlanz.com! This new one uses JavaScript, so it even works on mobile. The new one displays more info, is easy to search, and can display games that haven't even been released yet.

Here are some of the new features:

Search groups make it easier to hide and show games in your search. You can finally see unreleased and unannounced projects on the games page by enabling "unofficial" games. And now super old games are hidden by default - you can always access them again by enabling "retired" games.

Update! Enable a search group, then add the group as a search term to search ONLY for that group.
Example: Enable unofficial games, then search for "Unofficial"


Sorting is fun! The default sort is like how the old games page used to work: games are sorted by date, but with "Mine Blocks" at the top, because that's what most people want to play. But you can also sort by date, title, weirdness , and randomly! Click the sort button again to reverse the order.


Tagging and searching makes it super easy to find games you're in the mood to play. You can search all games I made for Ludum Dare, in the genre of puzzle games, or whose title/description/tags include the word "Mine"!


That's about it! Explore the new games page and let me know what you think! :)

I hope to improve and add more to the site soon!
- Zanz

Posted 7 years ago.
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