"Mine Blocks 1.28 Update Changelog!"
Happy October 8th! Also known as International Cephalopod Awareness Day!
Also it's GhostID's birthday! Happy birthday GhostSquID!
Yes! Mine Blocks 1.28 has been released!!!
See below for the official update video, release overview, and the full changelog!

Mine Blocks 1.28 Update Video

Play the latest version!

It's recommended to back up your worlds before playing in them! :)

New mobs!
There are now 3 new mobs! Ghasts drop ghast tears, squid drop ink sacs, and zombie pigmen team up against you if you attack!
Nether eyes are bigger and less glitchy, and blaze fireballs were fixed!


You can now craft balloons! They come in different colors, and include a unique ghast balloon! Balloons absorb projectiles and can be given to mobs!
Another silly new item is shades - a drop from a rare chicken!


Potions were added! The brewing stand can make all 13 types of potions!
Swiftness! Slowness! Harming! Healing! Poison! Regeneration! Strength! Weakness! Fire resistance! Water breathing! Leaping! Invisibility! Night vision!
The cauldron was also added, which can refill potions and revert dyed leather armor.


Command improvements!
Difficulty, enchant, and lightning commands were added, along with a new passiveMobs gamerule!
Command books are new items will run commands when used!
The give command now has data_tags and durability arguments!
Also, "~" is now interpreted as "~0" in commands, and "tp ~ ~" will now return your current location!


More colors and blocks!
Black, gray, and light gray colors were added, along with stained glass and stained glass backdrops! Wool backdrops were also added!


And a whole lot more!
There are so many bug fixes and tweaks that it's hard to summarize them all. :)
The new barrier block is super useful for map creators!
Also, the skin submission menu was redesigned so you can easily test your skins!


Check out the changelog below for ALL the additions, tweaks, and fixes!

Play the latest version!

The Mighty Mine Blocks 1.28 Changelog!

New features:
- Potions!
    - Potion Stand
        - Swiftness
        - Slowness
        - Harming
        - Healing
        - Poison
        - Regeneration
        - Strength
        - Weakness
        - Fire resistance
        - Water breathing
        - Leaping
        - Invisibility
        - Night vision
    - Has data_tags: "showParticles"
- Balloons!
    - Ghast Balloon
- Ghast
    - Ghast Tear
- Squid
    - Ink Sac
- Shades
    - Chickens can spawn with them
- Cauldron
    - Dying leather armor
- Stained Glass
    - Stained Glass Backdrop
- Zombie Pigman
    - Pigs turn to Zombie Pigmen when struck by lightning
- Barrier Block
- Can change sheep color
    - Sheep spawn with different colors
    - Black Wool
    - Gray Wool
    - Light gray Wool
    - Gray Dye
    - Light Gray Dye
- Dog collars can be dyed
- Command Book -
Inspired by Ahmed

    - Has data_tags: "command" and "uses"
- Give command has damage and data_tags property
    - type
    - unbreakable
    - enchantments
    - anvilUses
    - name
- "Difficulty" command
    - Difficulty option is world-specific
    - "Lonely mode" was replaced with "passive mobs" option
    - Gamerule for passiveMobs
- "Enchant" command
- "Lightning" command
- Arrows stick into mobs when they hit!
- Bonus chest
- Nether Wart Block
- Red Nether Bricks
- Dragon Egg is now placeable
- New skin submission process
- Re-added shift+click and drag in inventory
- Snow Golems leave a trail of snow
- Recipe for Clay Block
Bug fixes:
- Fixed the "Porcupine" bug, and then readded it as an official Easter egg
- Made keypresses run 59x faster!
- Fixed blaze fireballs
- Fixed broken TNT and explosions
    - Fixed dispensed TNT
- Fixed chicken being able to jump higher than a fence
- Fixed infinite string recipe -
Post by yigiteksi007

- Fixed item duplication bug when dropping and placing blocks -
Video by WSDGuy2014

- Fixed fishing rod capture direction -
Video by WSDGuy2014

- Fixed minecarts being stuck tilted when falling off a slope -
Video by WSDGuy2014

- Fixed mobgriefing game rule command -
Video by WSDGuy2014

- Fixed fishing XP duplication bug -
Video by WSDGuy2014

- Fixed duplicating bottle glitch -
Video by WSDGuy2014

- Fixed respawning in ridable after dying -
Video by WSDGuy2014

- Fixed pistons not transferring all block data, and optimized their code -
Video by WSDGuy2014

- Fixed items triggering pressure plates only when they bob down -
Video by WSDGuy2014 & Thanks @toshavan!

- Fixed weird empty skins when returning to skin list -
Video by WSDGuy2014

- Fixed ender gems not working with silk touch -
Post from WSDGuy2014

- Armor enchantments are no longer lost on respawn -
Post from @toshavan

- Fixed ender portal in survival -
Post from @toshavan

- Enchanting can no longer result in fortune + silk touch -
Thanks Protopulse!

- Fixed issues when placing a bunch of Jack o' Lanterns -
Post from @HGirl218

- Fixed empty bowls glitching when not using on a mob -
Post from @car_n1

- Holding the mouse down after placing a block no longer uses the block
- Fixed incorrect XP command output
- Fixed rabbits ignoring lonely mode
- Updated furnace code to support durability and item data
- Fixed "trap_door" identifier for commands
- Dirt is no longer flammable
- Using a bottle of enchanting will properly turn it into an empty bottle
- Fixed lightning being completely broken
- Fixed mob names not disappearing on slimes and magma cubes
- Fixed skeletons not making a shooting sound when facing rightwards
- Fixed dropper and dispenser not keeping their names when mined
- Fixed knockback
- Fixed not being able to enchant a renamed item
- Nether eye movement and rotation is even less buggy :D
- Fixed similar enchantments not combining properly
- Fixed respiration enchantment
- Fixed enderman walk animation
- Can no longer place torches on lily pads
- Backdrops will drop when replaced with another block
- Can no longer place fences at the player's current position
- Fit help command output into window
- Fixed water generation (probably)
- Increased mine speed in creative mode
- Endermen can now spawn in the nether
- "~" is now interpreted as "~0" in commands
- tp command outputs position
    - tp ~ ~ says current location
- Increased Rabbit's Foot drop rate
- Reticle points towards mouse better
- Torches wont be placed where they can't be placed
- Shears use durability when used on sheep
- Buffed explosion damage by 4 times -
Thanks Protopulse!

- Half of the player's experience points are dropped on repawn -
Thanks Protopulse!

- Corrected all block mining particle colors
- Doubled size of the nether eye
- Wools and dyes are now one item
    - "give wool_blue" is now "give wool 1 0 {type:'blue'}"
- Hunger depletes faster
- Reorganized key bindings menu
Updated Graphics:
- Spider
- Chicken
- Iron Ingot
- Gold Ingot
- Dragon Egg
- Brick

Play the latest version!

Well there you have it! Hope you like the update! There's a lot more coming soon!
- Zanzlanz

Posted 7 years ago.
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