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"FAWM 2015 Announcement!"
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Hey there, friend!

I'm participating in February Album Writing Month (FAWM) this year. :)
FAWM is an event where thousands of musicians (mainly song-writers) make at least 14 songs in the month of February. It starts on February 1, and ends on February 28!

Last year I participated in FAWM, and made the album The Place That Takes Shapes! Hopefully this year I'll be able to make an even better album!

So, what would you like me to make in the album? Do you have a suggestion for a genre? Theme? Mood? Tempo? Limitation? Feel free to give your suggestions in the comments of this post! :D Keep in mind that I basically have 2 days to make each track - that's not the easiest feat!

Follow me on SoundCloud to see all of the new tracks as I release them! Please give constructive feedback on the music so I know how to improve as I make each new track!

My friends Gap, Beta, and McFunkypants will also be participating. Wish them luck too!

Even though I'll be participating in FAWM, I'll still be focusing on university stuff (homework and studies). Also I will most likely still have time to work on the Mine Blocks port and projects.

Anyway, wish me luck! :D
- Zanzlanz

Here's the album on SoundCloud:

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george (Guest)  
4 years ago  
keep the good work zanz!
Thanks! I use Fruity Loops Studio to make my music. :D
grace (Guest)  
4 years ago  
how did you made this sound
steven (Guest)  
4 years ago  
you have a album but not secret box :c
But Secret Box already exists ;) And it's free! I'm so happy to be done with that album too!
Mr. Awesome (Guest)  
4 years ago  
I hope your new album is just as well-made as the last one, if not better! Also, I made something, and it very accurately portrays what goes on in my mind:
chicken25 (Guest)  
4 years ago  
I hope you do great.
steven (Guest)  
4 years ago  
¿no secret box? :c
mario (Guest)  
4 years ago  
are doar o parte
FAWM is an event where I make at least 14 songs in the month of February. It starts on February 1, and ends on February 28.
Fedous (Guest)  
4 years ago  
what sound software you use?
I use Fruity Loops :) I have a portable sound recorder and a microphone if I want to record any samples for the music too.
axel medina (Guest)  
4 years ago  
see the lemon messages :D (zanzlanz love lemons, zanzlanz is a lemon!
Haha I like how I've actually made a purpose to the lemons in the posts now xD
Alliance sounds awesome! ^*^
Thanks Starry! Hopefully the rest of the album turns out great! :D
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