"Mine Blocks 1.29 Update Changelog!"

Woah, hi there!

It's finally here! Mine Blocks 1.29 has been released! And it's a doozy; there are a lot of additions, bug fixes, and tweaks! The update doesn't follow much of a theme, so I hope you enjoy the overall improvements to the game.

See below for the official update video, release overview, and the full changelog!

Mine Blocks 1.29 Update Video
Watch the full update video on YouTube!

Play the latest version!

Make sure to backup your worlds before playing!

Right click!
At long last! You can right-click to place blocks, use items, and more!
And there are now touch screen controls for playing Mine Blocks on tablets!
Some other control changes include a shortcut to toggle the HUD, and a button to reset key bindings in the settings!


New mobs!
Mobs were completely recoded in this update, so new mob-related features are easier to add!
There are now cactus cows (also known as cowcti!) and bats!
Animals now follow you when you're holding their food! If you feed two like animals, their baby animal will spawn!
Also there are charged creepers, which can explode monsters into mob heads!


New animations!
You can now charge your throw when shooting arrows, spears, and more!
And better yet, there are splash potions you can throw!
There is a new death animation, and there are now red hurt frames for mobs!
And lastly, sleeping and eating are no longer instant!


New powerful commands!
Spawn mobs with the summon command, create blocks with the clone and setBlock commands, control the console with say and cls commands, and clean up your inventory with the clear command!
Map makers now have a adventure game mode with canDestroy and canPlaceOn data tags!
Command history is now saved between switching worlds up to a higher 100 message threshold!


Minecart overhaul!
Minecarts have improved physics, so they're faster and collide with other carts!
There are now furnace minecarts and chest minecarts, making minecarts much more useful and automatic!
And you can now sneak past minecarts to avoid bumping them around!


New creative inventory!
The creative inventory now has sorted category tabs and an item search feature! There is now a page number too!
When creating a new world, selecting a creative world automatically enables cheats as well. Handy!


And so much more!
There are a LOT of changes scattered around this update!
For example, there are magma blocks and bubble columns! There are new enchantments: depth strider and frost walker! And keep an ear open for the new enderman sound effects!
And again, a lot more!


Check out the changelog below for ALL the additions, tweaks, and fixes!

Play the latest version!

The Full Mine Blocks 1.29 Changelog:

New features:
- New mob: Cactus cow
- New mob: Bat
- Ability to use right-click instead of shift-click
- Touch controls
- New item: Splash potions
- New item: Furnace minecart
- New item: Chest minecart
- New block: Mob heads
- New block: Magma block
- Mob breeding
- Mobs follow the player holding their food
- Adventure game mode
- New minecart physics
- Creative inventory categories and searching
    - Includes a page number
    - Removed quick command buttons
- Charged creeper
- Bubble columns for magma blocks and soul sand
- New enchantment: Frost walker
- New enchantment: Depth strider
- New command: "clone"
- New command: "summon"
- New command: "setBlock"
- New command: "say"
- New command: "cls"
- New command: "clear"
- New game rule: "doMobLoot"
- New item data tags: "canDestroy" and "canPlaceOn"
- New achievement: Breed two animals
- New achievement: Enchant an item
- Flowing water pushes items
- Beds can be dyed different colors
- Drawback animation for throwable items
- Eat animation
- Death animations
- Sleep animation
- Hurt frames on mobs
- Setting and key binding (F1) to show and hide the GUI
- Endermen idle sound effects
- Cacti can spawn when using bone meal - Suggested by AnimalJamLol828
- Sneaking past minecarts will no longer push them
- Command history is retained when switching worlds
- Button that resets key bindings to the default settings
- Upload date is now shown when viewing a skin
- Fishing now has a chance to provide sand, coral, and clay
Bug fixes:
- Carpet can be crafted again
- Non-numerical seeds no longer generate the same world
- Worlds no longer generate with large nonterminating lakes
- Worlds no longer can generate with a ridiculous amount of iron ore
- Sprinting up and down stairs no longer causes damage
- Exiting a minecart on a slope properly resets the player's rotation
- Arrows, spears, and shurikens now trigger pressure plates - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Enchanting a book no longer just gives Unbreaking 1-4 - Thanks Jey Savage
- Lure enchantment now works - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Strength 2 potion no longer has the same effect as Strength 1 - Thanks Carlos Petit
- Regeneration+ and Weakness+ potions can now be brewed - Thanks Carlos Petit
- Weakness+ potion now applies the weakness effect - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Damage dealt by bows is now affected by Power instead of Punch - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Unbreakable works on armor again - Thanks Savage Necrosis
- Rain sound is no longer awful and has correct volume levels
- Fire resistance effect now protects from fire
- Clay no longer drop both the block and the item with silk touch - Thanks Savage Necrosis
- Clay blocks are no longer affected by fortune
- Ender chests now share contents between dimensions (it will now use only the overworld ender chest)
- Portal frame no longer causes errors while being mined - Thanks Carlos Petit
- Skeletons no longer shoot themselves while walking - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Killing mobs with arrows now counts as a player kill - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Enchanting now takes the exact number of experience levels shown - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Leather armor no longer repairs itself when dyed a different color
- Lily pad no longer glitches or duplicates
- Blocks can no longer be placed on falling sand entities
- Falling sand is now less likely to override blocks
- Arrows shot with an Infinity bow can no longer be picked up - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Bone shurikens now give the proper item when picked up - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Mooshrooms now give mushroom soup when clicked on with a bowl
- Fire loads on blocks properly
- Lightning looks and acts properly - Thanks iliektortelz
- The player is no longer ignored by mobs when crouching - Thanks Crystal Snow
- Carrot on a stick now loses durability - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Dragon scale armor can now be repaired
- Sticky pistons are properly removed when mined while extended - Thanks Yeeee
- Sticky pistons can no longer retract water - Thanks Yeeee
- Sticky pistons properly update redstone when retracting a block
- TNT no longer freezes when exploding beds and pistons
- Liquids now replace existing flows with lower levels
- Hoe in dispenser works again
- mobGriefing for creepers properly matches gamerule by default
- Name tags no longer extend mob hitboxes
- Balloons properly enter the inventory when the hotbar is full - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Potions in the creative inventory now show their effects - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Only one item can be renamed in the anvil at once
- Healing crystals drop when mined
- Silk touch now works on mob spawners
- Long grass can be obtained by shears
- Obsidian, bedrock stairs, bedrock slabs, and portal frames no longer break to explosions
- Hostile mobs can no longer appear in peaceful
- "Hallow" and "replace" methods of the fill command behave properly
- Items can no longer be placed in the anvil output
- Cacti no longer grows new pieces next to solid blocks
- Flint and steel, fishing rod, bow, and armor no longer lose durability when mining blocks - Thanks Carlos Petit
- Furnace, iron bars, and some stairs and slabs properly require a pickaxe to mine - Thanks Carlos Petit
- Pumpkin and jack o' lantern can no longer be placed in any armor slot. They ain't no boots - Thanks HydraKiller90
- Improved functionality of redstone placed below powered rails
- Reduced number of seeds that spawn the player in a skyhold - Thanks Doggy1232
- Second tier healing and harming potions are now named with "II" instead of "2"
- Ender chest can now be closed while dragging an item
- Fixed rare issue where some loot chests were unbreakable until opened - Thanks Injinji
- Corrected the hitbox of enchanted items in the hotbar - Thanks Brendan887 and TheTopazRobot
- The area where the command console could not be clicked on decided to vanish
- Minecarts, rafts, experience orbs, and liquids now pause with the game
- Achievements list now shows proper game mode and cheat warnings
- Lights turn on in more cases
- Giving a potion with commands with a space in the name works properly
- Screenshot keybinding saves properly
- Fixed various small command parsing issues
- Fixed "Download default skin" button from upload skin menu - Thanks Manakle
- Rabbit's foot graphic is no longer blurry - Thanks TheTopazRobot
- Sheep no longer spontaneously die
- Zombie pigmen drop netherwart in the nether instead of the nethereye
- Squid now take damage when out of water
- The player is no longer pushed by water when flying
- Choosing a game mode when making a world also sets cheats automatically
- Command history increased from 10 to 100 commands
- Many blocks will no longer place in invalid locations
- Containers and the crafting table now close when you are too far away
- Desert shrubs and grass can now be placed on coarse dirt
- Mushrooms can now be placed on coarse dirt and wood
- Cacti can be placed next to more types of non-solid blocks
- Thrown snowballs are saved when the world is closed
- Rain no longer converts lava to obsidian and acid to cobblestone
- Spiders are now one block tall - Thanks Andy Liu
- Tamed wolves follow the player more closely
- Tweaked how to orient stairs and slabs
- Increased brightness of rain particles
- Topaz ore can now only be broken by an iron pickaxe and above
- Sneak and down keys are different bindings - Thanks Aw7some Griffininjadie
- Updated social media links on main menu
- Snow golems make throwing sound
- Spear damage reduced from 5 to 3
- Wooden and stone sword base damage reduced by 1; iron by .5; and gold increased by .5
- The hotbar slot change sound plays in more situations
- Improved issue with sticking to and climbing up walls
- Improved camera smoothness with the player and the clouds
- Converted fill command to use width and height instead of X2 and Y2 coordinates
- Wool, wool backdrops, dye, carpet and potions now have default types when given with commands
- Game mode buttons can be selected by their labels
- Decreased likelihood of crash-related item loss and item duplication
- Moved command output higher to no longer overlap command window and item text
- The dirt backdrop has randomized rotation
- Using better SWF compression to improve size of game
- Optimizations and fine-tuning to lava, acid, cactus, and detector rail collision
- Fishing time adjusted to emphasize effects of the lure enchantment
- Renamed "grow wheat" achievement to "grow a farm"
- Changed item name "Gun Powder" to "Gunpowder"
- Changed item identifier "block_of_topaz" to "topaz_block"
- Changed item identifier "rabbit_foot" to "rabbits_foot"
- Changed item name and identifier "Enderpearl" to "Ender Pearl"
- Changed item name and identifier "Experience in a Bottle" to "Bottle of Enchanting"
- Changed item name and identifier "Sticks" to "Stick"
- Changed item name and identifier "Rock Backdrop" to "Stone Backdrop"

Play the latest version!

Thanks for playing! I hope you have fun in the update, and hope to see you soon!
- Zanz

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