"Website Redesign!"

Woah! Hey!
Things are looking a bit different here at Zanzlanz.com!

The website just had a huge redesign. It was a big two-year project, so it feels great to finally release it! It even means we're on a fancy new server - can't you just feel the modernness?

Below is a video tour of the entire site, where I show what's new and give general design tips. If you keep reading, there's a quick overview of improvements!

Watch the website redesign tour on YouTube!

Works on Mobile!

The website now comes in two different sizes: desktop and mobile!

When you shrink your browser, or view the site on mobile, the page will resize to better fit on the screen. Hopefully my games will someday be available for mobile too, making this an important step for the future.


This is a brand new section of the website! See it here!

It's a gallery of the unusual side projects I create between my usual work. I already populated the doodles page with dozens of projects from the past few years, so there is much to explore!

Fullscreen Games!

The game page now features a fullscreen button, alongside various other improvements.

• The enlarge button now doubles the game's size;
• The page has a thumbnail, description, and tags;
• When a game is linked online (like on Discord), it now shows the thumbnail and description;
• And the site supports my upcoming HTML5 ports for when Flash Player is gone!

Robust Accounts System!

While the accounts system is NOT public yet, it was completely rebuilt to be better all around, so it's very likely to be released in the future!

(I'm considering allowing Patreon users to use the accounts system first. )


It's very important to announce that there's a lynx on the site now!

You can find it on the 404 page!

Of course, there's quite a lot more to explore, and there's certainly even more to come in the future. If you want more details about the new design, check out the full site tour!

I hope you guys like the redesign! Let me know what you think below. Also please report any issues - there are bound to be a few bugs!

Also... next up... get hyped for Mine Blocks 1.29!

Have a fantastic week!
- Zanz

Posted 4 years ago.
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