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"Golden Treasure: The Great Green Released!"
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Since 2017, I've been working at Dreaming Door Studios on our debut game, Golden Treasure: The Great Green!
I'm one of the programmers there, helping bring the visual elements of the game to life and making sure our development tools are powerful.

So, today is a huge day for us here! Our full game is now on Steam! We've released it to the world!!

If the game sounds interesting to you, check it out on Steam; not only do we have it on discount right now, but we also have a free demo that consists of a huge portion of the game.

Below is more about our game. We also post on Twitter and Facebook if you want to check out even more!

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is a hand-painted game about choices, survival, and life as a non-human being. Players take on the role of a dragon and must survive the tender and dangerous years of childhood, forging a path to maturity in the beautiful and deadly world of Earth in the Bronze Age.

To survive, you must hunt prey, fight other dragons for dominance, plunder underground labyrinths for treasures, explore the far corners of the wilderness and, most importantly, grow and learn about the Great Green and its many inhabitants, from birds and beasts to ancient spirits. If you become wise and powerful enough, you may just change the history of our world and the fate of dragonkind.

The official gameplay trailer.
"Golden Treasure is a game for those who carry dragons in their hearts.
Hunt, explore, survive, and become Great among the True Children of Sun and Earth."
There are over 100 unique painted encounters. "Visually, the game is stunning" -

Working at Dreaming Door has been a wonderful experience so far. I hope you all will get the opportunity to play the game, or at least watch a Let's Play to experience the heart that went into the story and art.

As we say at Dreaming Door Studios, May You Be Blessed. <3
- Zanz

P.S. More very big news coming super soon!

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TheMiner27 (Guest)  
1 month ago  
Awesome! I'd love to check it out, but as far as digital anything goes 11 year old me is broke (though IRL I did once receive 100$, for buying myself Christmas presents.. grandpa's kinda weird....). Glad to hear you finally finished a game. (lol I've been working* on some games for a while) (*actually really only made pixel art and a very rough idea of what the game would be about) Anyway, 🍋Stay lemony, Zanz🍋
Well it's no rush :) If you're interested enough in the game, you could wishlist it so you can revisit the game when you're able to get it. Or can always give the demo a try :) Glad to hear you're working towards making a game. I encourage you to just jump right into developing it :D
Joseph Stalin (Guest)  
1 month ago  
Hi comrade since i dont have any money i wont play the game but it sounds cool and i didnt verify on disc so i cant talk to you and yes im in your i mean ahem our server
Hey :D! Well if you are interested in the game, check out the free demo. It's the full Part 1 of the game :) [By the way I have to say the end of your comment is perfect]
Neftall (Guest)  
1 month ago  
Yay!,Congratulations for having been able to publish your great game, I wish you the best, I only need the money to get it :| But I think that if I can start working with photoshop one day I'll buy it :)
Thank you Neft! I appreciate the wishes! :D The free demo is a good 1/3 of the game (and your save will carry over to the full game if you decide to buy it), so if you just want to give it a go, that's always an option ^^
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