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"FAWM 2016 Begins!"
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It's time again for February Album Writing Month! Time to make 14 tracks in the month of February! I have no idea how it will all turn out yet, but if it's like last year's album, things should be great!

To the right is the playlist that I'll be posting the tracks to! Follow me on SoundCloud to see my progress !

Also! If you want, e-mail me MP3 or WAV files of sounds you recorded that I could use in my tracks, if I have a place for them! Write who you are in the email so I can give you a shout-out in the track description. And lastly, make sure the recording quality is quite good - potatoes don't make good recording devices!

That's that! Wish me luck! And have a wonderful month!
- Zanz

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FG (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Zanzlanz How is FAWM going?
Too busy - I decided I'll just be working on the album for a few months :) 16 tracks will still be released (I'm hoping by mid-June).
KiritoGamez (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Loving the beats! Almost reminds me of Terraria lol! Keep up the great work!
Someone else said that too omg! Thanks!
deathstroke (Guest)  
3 years ago  
mr tanki on he already did just enchant a book
Anonymous (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Zanzlanz,i love your album

Mr. Tanki On (Guest)  
3 years ago  
hey ZANZLANZ please add enchanting books and advanced enchantment tables if you can and make a new song i LOVE YOUR SONGS!!!!!!! AND MINE BLOCKS,2,3 (waiting for mb3) and also MB
nassimTWPA (Guest)  
3 years ago  
mind if you post the mine blocks song on YouTube I love it but its not very often it appears in game so I looked it up on YouTube not there
It's over here: I'm glad you like it :D!
Rocker Girl (Guest)  
3 years ago  
OH MAH GAWD! AMAZING TRACKS ZANZ. PLEASE CONTINUE WITH YOUR AWESOME MUSIC! YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL PERSON!!! ROCK ON!!! (lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(uh oh my keys broke, OH WELL I'LL USE MY BROTHERS KEYBOARD!!(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)>>(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(uh oh (O^O), i might have broken my brothers keyboard too,*gulp* halp pls.) -HUGS, ROCKER GIRL
MB fan (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Hope all tracks are going well! Also, why did I find a rabbit named porcupine in my mine blocks world?
Well I'm really behind in the tracks, but I like where they're going so far! I just looked into the "Porcupine" thing. Do you believe me when I say it's a bug, not an Easter egg? Because it's true lol!
LOL (Guest)  
3 years ago  
POTATOES LOLOLO AND the mine blocks post LOLOLOL money does grow on trees
I almost already forgot I posted that XD
martin (Guest)  
3 years ago  
las patatas son lo mejor que hay señor zanz.
At this point, 90% of the comments are going to be about potatoes, hahaha (Potato)
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