"The Rest of the FAWM 2016 Album!"


As detailed in my last post, I'm currently making a music album! The goal was to make 14 tracks by the end of the month. Unfortunately though, a couple of my professors have been handing out a lot of homework, and preparing us for mid-term exams. In short, school took away most of my free time. So it turns out I wont have 14 tracks done by the end of the month.

But that's not really a problem, because I wasn't going to release the album at the end of the month anyway! I typically give myself a few months after February to improve the tracks I made, and to make a couple more tracks to finish the album. Soooo, here's the current goal:

16 tracks by June!

This should give me enough time to make all the tracks, and to get them sounding good. I might be able to reserve free time to continue working on Spike Tower also!

Also, literally no one has sent samples for the album xD If you want to contribute to the making of the tracks, you should send me random recordings of sounds around your house/town, and I'll try to find a place for them to my tracks (or making them into an instrument)!

That's all for this post! Hope you're having a fun day :)
- Zanz

Oh! P.S.: GhostID has a new website!

Posted 8 years ago.
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