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"Across the Drop released!"
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My album, Across the Drop, has officially released worldwide!


$10 to buy

Completely free to listen
Completely free to listen
Only $7 to buy :)
Google Play Store
$12 to buy
$8 to buy
Completely free to listen
Completely free to listen

I'm happy to finally have the album out! I'd love to hear your feedback (and questions) in the comments!
- Zanz

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Rocker Girl (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Thanks Zanz, It means sooooo much,especially coming from you.YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH MANY LEMONS FOR GENERATIONS TO COME!!!!!XD, (To me that never gets old XD.Anyway thanks again Zanz for everything you do.;)
Rocker Girl (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Its no problem Zanz, I will always support what you do. MAY YOU HAVE ALL THE LUCKY LEMONS!!XD ;)
You rock, Rocker Girl! (lemon) (lemon) (lemon)!
Rocker Girl (Guest)  
3 years ago  
I like all the Music you make Zanz, just one problem....... i like ALL the musice you make i cant decide which one is my favorite.XD
^___^ you're too nice! Thanks, I'm really happy you like it!
Richard (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Just wanted this to have at least ONE comment
Haha you can tell what people like the most between "music" and "Mine Blocks" posts XD
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