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"Summer Plans!"
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Hey everyone!

I have two weeks of this school year left! This semester was really difficult and took a lot of my time. But soon I will have time to work on all the projects I've been thinking about! Here are some of my summer plans:

Pico Day Party
3 years ago I went to a Newgrounds event called Pico Day. I'm going again this year! I fly out the day of my last final at school. It'll be fun!!

The February Album Writing Month music I have been making has slowed down a lot, because I need to finish off this school semester strong. I'll work on the rest of the music after the semester ends. A couple of tracks are already half-way finished!

Rogue Among Robots
Also, I worked with some friends this semester at university to make a (unfinished) roguelite game called Rogue Among Robots. It's part of the requirements of the course to release it online, so I'll place it on We want to make a full version though, so we're not planning to make the prerelease a big thing yet.

Spike Tower and Lab Lights 2
Spike Tower will by my game development priority soon. I want to have a mobile release under my belt, and I think you guys will love it! :D
And Lab Lights 2 is still a thing. I recently realized how many bugs there are with movement and rendering. And it needs an art makeover. There is so much potential though - I'm super eager to get back to it!
There's another puzzle game I want to work on more. I was going to release it as a one-level puzzle, but I want to dive deeper in the mechanics first and see if I can make it into a full game. Stephen's Sausage Roll and The Witness have taught me that puzzle games can get huge.

Mine Blocks and Mine Blocks 2
I fixed a few bugs in Mine Blocks lately. Commands were fixed since that weird Flash update. Skin searching and seed "number" fixes were also sneaked into updates. I'll be working harder on the next big update soon! Maybe even a mobile port, who knows?
Later Mine Blocks 2 will be getting a language update. I've also developed a flexible AI system and super fast raycasting algorithm, so I really want to get that in the game too :]

So what are YOUR plans this season? Are you going to make anything, or go on any cool vacations?

Will cya soon!
- Zanz

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17madman (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Zanzlanz PLEASE ASP MAKE MINE BLOCKS ON MOBILE!!!! If you can please try to get it on kindle fire because it is a great game and it would be awesome to play it on my tablet!
Mr. Awesome (Guest)  
1 year ago  
What am I going to do this summer? The same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the world!
Nice reference!
MBFAN 2 (Guest)  
1 year ago  
If you make a mobile port, I'll be so happy! :). Also, what about a download based version, like Mine blocks Pocket Edition, that can be used offline?
MB fan (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Hey Zanzlanz! I've heard you started working on the next update of Mine Blocks! Have you changed the texture for iron/gold ingots, because you have on the Mine Blocks wiki! :) Also, I have noticed that signs don't stacking with other signs in the inventory. Can't wait for 1.28 :D
Austin Lee (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Hey Zanzlanz, when I play mine blocks over the summer saving files to save my worlds, I would build big, engineer the impossible, go mining for minerals, and many more!
dkBergen (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Zanzlanz, can I make a website for u? I want to make a website for people to submit their survival/art/city/other worlds for u, ill design it, I ALSO have good grammer, im not using good grammer right now because im just typing a quick note :D AND on the website, Id make a fourm/blog + map submission + donation shop + texture packs + skins and contact :3 please contact me! im not allowed on any social media sorry, but I can post here :D I need a domain for the website also,! :)
That would be cool to see! Just make sure you specify it's not official so people don't get confused (like how planetminecraft does it :D). Best of luck!
SquidDog (Guest)  
1 year ago  
I first played Mine Blocks in February 2014. I really miss that year. I played Mine Blocks loads and I really enjoyed it. I still play Mine Blocks to this day - even after I got Minecraft. Whenever I play Mine Blocks it gives me loads of nostalga that Minecraft can't recreate.
That certain feeling of nostalgia is the best! I'm glad you're able to get it playing Mine Blocks :D! I actually also get it when I play super old versions of Minecraft, like 1.2 beta (which is right after I started playing it).
Andrew (Guest)  
1 year ago  
Hey Zanz,Mineblocks is awesome,4 years ago me and my friends were playing this game A TON,then we installed Minecraft...But I just came by to see how much this game has been updated and WOOW 4 years makes a good enough difference for me to download and play it again!
That's really cool that you came to check it out again. 4 years would definitely make a huge difference - was the Ender even added back when you were playing? xD Have a nice summer!
tayler (Guest)  
1 year ago  
First time i get to talk with you!!! by the way, i love this game!!!!!!!! i was thinking of biking and chating with you. hope i get to see you to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Viktoras (Guest)  
1 year ago  
So to answer (<---IDK) your question I be buying tasty treats from Lithuania and most likely gonna see a movie. The other thing is that I'm making a lemon observatory. I hope that nothing goes wrong to me and you and we all have a great Summer.
A lemon observatory!! XD (lemon)(lemon)(lemon) Hope we have a great summer too!
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