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"Goodbye 2013!"
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Hey everyone! Happy New Year!

2013 was a slower year than usual, but as I realized while writing this posts, I still managed to do a lot! I wrote a post like this last year too, and I decided to make it a tradition. So here it is, a recap of everything I did this year. All links open in a new page, so check everything out!

Also, I did some color coding (because I'm crazy):

  • Cyan: New game
  • Blue: Game update
  • Orange: New music
  • Green: New video
  • Red: Site update
  • Violet: Art
  • Grey: Other








  • 1st
    : Website running on new server (Post)






Thanks for everything, guys! See you next year! (spinning smiley face)
- Zanzlanz

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"Mine Blocks 1.26!"
Mar 28, 2014 - Mine Blocks 1.26 released! Skins, minecarts, slimes, lemons, bug fixes, and less lag!
"The Place That Takes Shapes!"
Dec 20, 2013 - Links and information about the new game, Str1ngle.
"Ludum Dare 28!"
Dec 12, 2013 - Announcement for Ludum Dare #28 livestream event.
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SmashDasher (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Well it turns out the chat or game <.< had a few updates causing my account to get deleted,One of my friends blamed me for being a fake but that got fixed so yeah...
army man (Guest)  
5 years ago  
zanzlanz what's wrong with mineblocks 2?
Flash isn't very strong, so the lighting makes the game slow. I either spend months trying to figure out a better method to do the lighting, port the entire game to Java, or get rid of lighting altogether. :\
Star (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Zanzlanz, how's MineBlocks 2?
It's okay, thanks for asking! I'm taking a break from it though, to work on Mine Blocks again. I need to think about MB2 for a while before making some tough decisions :)
SmashDasher (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Well i feel down,So i use to be on the chatroom and then i cleared all my history for no reason then i lost my account,I wish i could see my old friends on the chat again and retrieve my account back,Anyone want to try and cheer me up?
Just reset your password, lol. xD
Maybe next time, make sure it doesn't delete cookies? Or what Zanz said "Just reset you password"
DuckTummy (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Zanzlanz... Maybe you can make a game of major things you are planning to do for the next three years... I'm just curious of what the heck will be going on... Just a suggestion. You don't have to reply or anything... I don't know what I'm saying otherwise. xD
Hm, I'm not exactly sure what you're suggesting (smiley face)
DuckTummy (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Zanz, When will you be releasing a public account system? I'm just very curious. =3
I don't know EXACTLY, but I want to first have messaging, more secure settings, password recovery, chat, and a working payment system for future game sales. The first 4 should be easy. The payment system proves to be a pain to implement. xD
StarLeaf (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Zanz, will there be mods on Mineblocks 2?
Unless you know how to actually mod a Flash game, nope! :)
StarLeaf (Guest)  
5 years ago  
=3 I'ma cut ur mushstache Mr.Lemon King ^u^ *gets lemon sisscors*
Nooooooooooooo! :{C *Hides moustache*
The Lemon Ki (Guest)  
5 years ago  
I will write the first ZanzCode game first >:{D! -Let there be men with staches! :{D :{D :{D
Hehe, you and Iandioch both seem to want to make the first game! :3
Let's all contribute on making the first game! =D
DuckTummy (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Zanz, I want a update that adds at least over 100 thing for MB1.. Possibly you could make changing (and creating your own) skins a thing.. Not asking much. Happy new year as well! Ooh... I'm imagining what MB3 would be like
Dear DuckTummy, Zanz is doing a great job - he is working extremly hard on his projects and sure: there will be some updates for MB1 in the future but things like skins will be only possible, if the account system is fully working. Be patient and expect some cool stuff ;-) ~Gap
Aw thanks Gap! Skins in Mine Blocks will be for clients only. Mine Blocks 2 skins are linked to accounts only because of multiplayer. The actually implementation of skins in Mine Blocks 1 is difficult (but still possible) due to the way the game works, so that's why they're not in the game yet. AND YES, cool stuff coming in the future :D!!
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