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Hello everyone! It's time for a news post!

We are running from the new server, which is now hosted by JaguarPC. The switch was a little crazy, due to the hit counters slowing down many of the pages. This is fixed now, and pages are loading very quickly! The best part is... no more error 500 pages!! I'm really glad things are running like normal. Aren't you? :D

Many people are waiting for a Mine Blocks 1 update, but that hasn't been started yet (lol, sorry). I've been working on Mine Blocks 2 most of my time now, and I must say, I like where it's going! Recently, I made infinite worlds and a nice lighting engine. Next on the list will be multiplayer and the full inventory. Post about that. And here is a nifty blog post about the lighting engine: A nifty blog post about the lighting engine.

There were a couple big numbers in the last few days!

That's about it from me! Thanks for reading!
Feel free to comment about your favorite foods below.

- Zanzlanz

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LaBhOuSe (Guest)  
5 years ago  
The fact that you ''are not sure what's new'' is new ;-) -(lemon)
...I think that just blew my mind...! XD!! (lemon)
Felix (Guest)  
5 years ago  
So... your planning on updating Mine Blocks 2? I'll be so happy when you update it, cause last time i checked, all you could do, was chop down trees and walk around. Oh, and punch other players.
Yeah definitely! It's all I've really been working on for the last few months :)
MusicKing7 (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Wooo Finally internet I missed you internet so zanzlanz nice new updates you got there and you switched hosts? Nice!
Ghoul (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Zanzlanz, I think u need a new news post XD.
I'm not sure what's new :(
5 years ago  
BabyPoni (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Or some people also call pegacorn "alicorn".
Sonia (Guest)  
5 years ago  
hi i am sonic sister,. nice to meet you zanzlanz
Hi Sonia! What's up? :3
Mr.Awesome (Guest)  
5 years ago  
zanzlanz i'm wondering can c++ games have mods?
I can't be sure, but I think so!
RainbowKidHD (Guest)  
5 years ago  
can you update and add legendary horses like unicorns or Pegasus or pegacorn (pegacorn is combined with unicorns and Pegasus)
Pegacorn, hahaha! Nice! There's a small chance, if horses are added, I may consider it xD
SonicTheHedg (Guest)  
5 years ago  
i wish the did so they can add in rings
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