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Hey everyone!

I just released my first ever album, The Place That Takes Shapes! I made 14 tracks during February for FAWM.

Here's the release video!

Listen or Buy:
SoundCloud Bandcamp
Listen on Spotify!
Check it out on iTunes!

Coming soon on Spotify!

Yours truly,

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haadhi (Guest)  
4 years ago  
zanz you are so nice
haadhi (Guest)  
4 years ago  
zanz i made a sign it said zanz thank you for mineblocks and thank you for it
Haha, you're welcome for Mine Blocks! Thanks Haadhi, you're nice too!! :D!
ninjadjaj (Guest)  
5 years ago  
when will you make a update like wither boss and ghast and vilagers and soul sand plz do this update
Minecraft ma (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Hey again sorry about the earlier comment it's still the same person except this time I'm on my phone and I'm really going crazy for the new update since it's coming in only a few minutes I'm very exited 😄 🍋🍋🇺🇸
MarioMario89 (Guest)  
5 years ago  
What time is it coming out? (if it's really good update i might play it all day :D?)
MarioMario89 (Guest)  
5 years ago  
I'm so exited for the new updaste Zanzlanz :D
Hah, for me your friday evening is something like 3 AM xD
Mineblocks M (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Oh and btw what is it that you have to put in there now until your finished or... is that top secret?
Mineblocks M (Guest)  
5 years ago  
THIS IS MAKING ME GO CRAY CRAY I CANT STOP LOOKING EVERY THIRTEEN SECONDS TO SEE IF ITS UPDATED EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT FRIDAY YET BBUUTT IM GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I BET THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST UPDATE YET!!!!! :D :D :D and im still mineblocks master and arthur again im using two different computers still
Name 5 (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Hey guys. I'm back. :D
Omg hi!! Fun fact: Mine Blocks update Friday! (lemon)
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