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"Collection of 1.28 Spoilers!"
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Mine Blocks 1.28 releases Saturday, October 8th! I thought it would be fun to compile a page of all the 1.28 teasers and spoilers.

The final changelog has over 33 additions, 45 bug fixes, and 22 tweaks (Woah that added up perfectly to 100! ).
There are 3 new mobs, 3 new commands, and 3 more items that aren't in Minecraft.
What do you think is in the update?

I hope you enjoy the spoilers! I'm super excited to release the update <3

Cya on Saturday!!!
- Zanz

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juan mio (Guest)  
1 year ago  
when leaving mine blocks 1.29
eddie (Guest)  
1 year ago  
i love v 1.28
yiÄŸit ek (Guest)  
1 year ago  
the last minutes !!! yeay
mairelys23 (Guest)  
1 year ago  
gracias zanzlanz i love you (no hablo ingles :V)
NICOLÁS (Guest)  
1 year ago  
xd mine blocks 1.28.1
Denny (Guest)  
1 year ago  
thank you zanzlanz for doing this i love you Zanzlanz
Denny (Guest)  
1 year ago  
6 minutes left i am so happy :)
I LOVE IT!!! (Guest)  
1 year ago  
I hope you added more VEGGIES!VEGETABLES!!!)
NICOLÁS (Guest)  
1 year ago  
zanzlanz zanzlanz zanzlanz zanzlanz zanzlanz zanzlanz zanzlanz zanzlanz zanzlanz zanzlanz
I can sense the hype radiating from you xD
NICOLÁS (Guest)  
1 year ago  
14 minuttes
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