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"Collection of 1.28 Spoilers!"
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Mine Blocks 1.28 releases Saturday, October 8th! I thought it would be fun to compile a page of all the 1.28 teasers and spoilers.

The final changelog has over 33 additions, 45 bug fixes, and 22 tweaks (Woah that added up perfectly to 100! ).
There are 3 new mobs, 3 new commands, and 3 more items that aren't in Minecraft.
What do you think is in the update?

I hope you enjoy the spoilers! I'm super excited to release the update <3

Cya on Saturday!!!
- Zanz

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Lev (Guest)  
2 years ago  
There are no cons!2 things I would love to have you added to Mine Blocks multiplayer and infinite world.But thank you again!
NICOLÁS (Guest)  
2 years ago  
ssiii 15 minutessssss
:) (Guest)  
2 years ago  
I have 12 hours waiting. 12 hours left,11 hours left,10 hours left,9 hours left,8 hours left,7 hours left........... And now 20 minutes :))))))))))))))))))))))))
You're making me too hyped! xD
Denny (Guest)  
2 years ago  
i really want to try the update this is taking too long
Fangirl (Guest)  
2 years ago  
I'm so excited
Lev (Guest)  
2 years ago  
Alex!Thank you for this wonderful game!I have several years could not download minecraft and then you opened this wonderful project!Thank you. Lion
I'm so happy that it helped you! I love that it can give the Minecraft experience to people who can play Minecraft. <3 Thanks for playing!
mrl herry (Guest)  
2 years ago  
zanzlanz you many year old im 19 year old
mrl herry (Guest)  
2 years ago  
thank zanzlanz become you is best Developers ever
mrl herry (Guest)  
2 years ago  
is 49 minutes!
mrl herry (Guest)  
2 years ago  
omg is so fun best day ever o yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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