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"Joining Ludum Dare #32"
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Hi there!

It's been a super busy week at university. I had projects, essays, homeworks, readings, tests, quizzes... all that stuff. But I got ahead of it all because I've decided that I will be doing Ludum Dare again!!

For those of you who don't know, Ludum Dare is a competition where game developers make a game in under 48 hours (that's two days)! In past competitions, I made Snowman Slide, Dynamole, Str1ngle, Convey, and a bunch of other games (see my Ludum Dare profile).

It's a challenging event. I make all art, music, most of the code, and design during the 48 hours. The theme of the game is announced only when the competition starts.

Anyway, I'll be livestreaming the event on You should follow me here so you get an e-mail when I go live! It starts late on Friday, and ends 2 days later. There's a countdown on Ludum Dare's website.

I'm sure it'll be fun! But now... I have an essay to write, a book to read, some calc homework to do, and a project to finish.

Bye there!
- Zanz

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gryter (Guest)  
3 years ago  
yay! i like it, it a good idea!
captaincash1 (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Keep going bro! Just don't get frustrated! I'm only saying this so you reply. LOL! :) keep up the good, long, hard work!
Anderson (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Zanz, u are the best :) continue making good things thanks for your hard work!...oh and luck ;).
Thanks Anderson! Support like this is what helps make it all worth it! ;D
Gunnar (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Thanks Zanz! Mineblocks is pretty much the closest thing to Minecraft I have right now, so I'm relieved to know this! Also, I stopped playing because of a glitch that kept me from crafting, so could you please fix this bug? Anyways... good luck with college!
Thanks Gunnar! I'm on summer vacation now - my first year of college went great!! :D I don't know of any glitch of that sort - no one has reported an issue yet (and the update has been out for like a year haha). Let me know of how to make the bug happen if you can!
Gunnar (Agai (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Another question, (last one) is the program you're using compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.8? I'm excited/worried about this update, excited for bug fixes, worried for compatibility. I want to know if my computer will be able to take it...
Mine Blocks, right? If I make it compatible with 10.5, then I will not be able to add right-clicking to the game. I'm pretty sure I'll not have right-clicking work still, so you should be fine on your good ol' Mac! :D If not, I'll make a version that's compatible (like I did with Mine Blocks 2).
Gunnar (Guest)  
3 years ago  
When will you continue updating Mineblocks? I've been checking the progress bar, but it isn't moving! On another note, ARBF is a pretty nice game! Maybe you can add a menu that allows you to choose your weapon.
Thanks Gunnar! Just got a lot of priorities before I can work full-time on Mine Blocks again. Things will pick up soon! :D
Mr. Awesome (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Q-Tip ray? You lost your chance, you could've had a Flaming Llama Launcher. You can't go wrong with firey llamas. Also, Oh my Holy Mother of Soggy Giant Toilet Paper Men, it's been a while since I've actually gotten on this site! But, I'm here now, so, ARBF time.
XD! I don't think a llama-sized bullet would fit in that gun XD! But you're right... you can't go wrong with firey lemons indeed. :) And welcome back to the site, haha ;D
keckles (Guest)  
3 years ago  
hay zanz cool new game oh yaeh and zanz I got a mc account and a SERVER :D
Awesome dude, congratulations! :D And thank you! I'm excited to release the polished version :D
jenninexus (Guest)  
3 years ago  
loved your game Zanz! Posted my Let's Play here: :-)
YAY! I enjoyed the livestream! Thanks for posting it! Thank you!
Benedani (Guest)  
3 years ago  
True MinecraftMan
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