"Joining Ludum Dare #32"

Hi there!

It's been a super busy week at university. I had projects, essays, homeworks, readings, tests, quizzes... all that stuff. But I got ahead of it all because I've decided that I will be doing Ludum Dare again!!

For those of you who don't know, Ludum Dare is a competition where game developers make a game in under 48 hours (that's two days)! In past competitions, I made Snowman Slide, Dynamole, Str1ngle, Convey, and a bunch of other games (see my Ludum Dare profile).

It's a challenging event. I make all art, music, most of the code, and design during the 48 hours. The theme of the game is announced only when the competition starts.

Anyway, I'll be livestreaming the event on Twitch.tv. You should follow me here so you get an e-mail when I go live! It starts late on Friday, and ends 2 days later. There's a countdown on Ludum Dare's website.

I'm sure it'll be fun! But now... I have an essay to write, a book to read, some calc homework to do, and a project to finish.

Bye there!
- Zanz

Posted 6 years ago.
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