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"FAWM 2015 Ended!"
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Hey hey!

So last February I participated in February Album Writing Month again! Well I completed the task; I created 14 tracks in 28 days (again)! :D You can listen to what I made, below.

For the next 2 months, I will be revising the album to get it ready for release on May 15th!

So anyway, I thought it'd be cool to do a poll on which track you like the most! Just use the poll widget below to select your favorite. If you don't listen to all the tracks, just select your favorite out of the ones you listened to. :)

Do you have any other comments or suggestions for the album? :3
- Zanz

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chazz (Guest)  
4 years ago  
dude, i just BOOKMARKED your sight!!! so fun!!!
Whoohoo! Thanks for bookmarking! (smiley face)!
chazz (Guest)  
4 years ago  
are you a robot? or was that a bad source?...
chazz (Guest)  
4 years ago  
hey zanz,2 suggestions:add item frames 2 mineblocks,and,could ya' put MATTHEW WEST DAY ONE with your music? thanks for mineblocks! -chazz
captaincash1 (Guest)  
4 years ago  
HEY! So now that FAWM is done, will you work on Mineblocks more? I got three things to say 1.Finish mineblocks port on mineblocks 3 untill playable 3.finish mineblocks 2 update
keckles (Guest)  
4 years ago  
first comment :P cool album zanz :)
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