"Annoucing Lab Lights 2!"

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Have you played my game Lab Lights 1 yet? It's a top-down puzzle game about lighting up the lights using wires, batteries, and other mechanisms. A lot of people like it because it's challenging and fun!

I like challenging and fun too! So I'm making a sequel to that game, called Lab Lights 2! lemon

If it were just about making new levels, it wouldn't be worth making a sequel (I'll save that for those working on Angry Birds...). Instead of just adding new levels, I'm introducing a bunch of new features and a couple of huge changes!

One of the major game-changers is that Lab Lights 2 is in 3D (More specifically, oblique 3D)!

With 3D, puzzles can become much more difficult! You can push blocks up stairs, and down walls. You can place wiring along walls too!
Also, you can push a block ontop of another one and move the stack around, creating interesting new puzzle mechanics!

The double-long crates will be an added challenge to lug around. Especially since they can only go up stairs on their sides, and they take up an awkward amount of space! The good thing is the lasers can cut right through them! Or is that a bad thing...?

Well as you can imagine, the dynamics of Lab Lights 2 can become endless. I will unveil more information about the game as development continues.
I won't announce all the new mechanisms and features just yet, and I'll probably come up with even more new stuff as I create the game. But for now, I hope you are as excited as I am for Lab Lights 2 to unfold.

Stay tuned!
- Zanz

Posted 9 years ago.
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