"Mine Blocks AS3 - DevLog 2!"


This is a follow up on the previous post: Mine Blocks in ActionScript 3!

So I'm still working on the Mine Blocks AS3 port :D! It's going well! Here are some of the current working features of the game:
- Most of the main menu (not the skins yet)
- World generation (one bug left to find)
- Sounds
- Saving (but not loading)
- Movement/sprinting/controls
- Block mining
- Block placing
- Many other smaller working things

So that's really great news. I'm pretty much at the point where I just go ahead and fix each feature up slowly but surely. The game is LITERALLY running 5 to 10 times faster than the previous update!

Also here are some of the bugs that are already fixed from the last version:
- Steak and raw chicken are edible again
- 2 crafting recipe fixes
- Dragon items no longer get burned in lava
- 3 bug fixes/tweaks with commands
- 2 typo corrections
- Moss, rafts, and shears are fixed
- Blazes now drop charcoal
- Misplacing a golden apple removes it completely
- More!

Here is a gif and image of the next update. As you can see, it's identical to the last update, but much faster, and not quite finished ;).

One last detail is that the next update version number is 1.27. (It is not 1.26.6).

Anyway, thanks so much for your super kind support and patience! :D I couldn't do it without you! Talk to you soon!
- Zanzlanz

Posted 9 years ago.
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