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"Mine Blocks April Fools!"
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Hi, friends!

This year my April Fools joke was pretending to release Mine Blocks 1.27!

I repeat, THIS IS A JOKE POST. There will never be multiplayer in Mine Blocks 1, sorry.

Here's what the post said:

The newest features are multiplayer, Herobrine (he shows up when you summon him), and over 75 new lemon-themed items (including the lemon dimension and lemon dragon boss fight)! I fixed a few more bugs too. To join a multiplayer server, just login to the new update, click 'Play!', and select 'Multiplayer'. Type in your friend's IP address, and BOOM! :D

Pewdiepie and Zanzlanz, playing

Hope you enjoy! I'll have an update video later this week!

Hahaha, April Fools, everyone! By the way, Pewdiepie does not have anything to do with this. ;)

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ADAM (Guest)  
4 years ago  
tomy (Guest)  
4 years ago  
quiero jugar con amigos !!!!!!!! porfa creador de mine blocks soy fan mas de mine blocks que minecraft..:)
naijae (Guest)  
4 years ago  
this stinks if i can't find a cow in the game i'm gonnah freak out
Sampson Dro (Guest)  
4 years ago  
Will there be Iron golems? I want to play! When can I play? =)
the boy (Guest)  
4 years ago  
zanz plz add cats and lighter also animal skins
manuel hugo (Guest)  
4 years ago  
yo quiero jugar con mis amigos :(
miner (Guest)  
4 years ago  
HEY ZANZ im in college too so i know how much of a PAAAAIN it is sooo do good ok? baaaaai
taco (Guest)  
4 years ago  
hey zany, I'm back from vacation! did i miss any updates?thats all and i noticed the water not in the bucket thing, noticed by taking a shower with piston. so.. ya back from vacation yay.....
miner (Guest)  
4 years ago  
hey GhostID hows life? also thanks for telling me how to get rainbow wool Zanzlanz!
filip (Guest)  
4 years ago  
zanz add fish plz :)
He needs to finish porting Mine Blocks to AS3 first :)
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