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"Mine Blocks 1.25!"
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Hey everyone!

After about 5 months of work, it's finally out! Mine Blocks has been updated to 1.25! WOOHOO!

Play now!

Here are some of the big features:

I hope you enjoy the update, and please, if you find any bugs or glitches that I missed, post it in the comments on this post so I can work on a patch!

Video of the update:

Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy the update!
- Zanzlanz (spinning smiley face)

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cooldude (Guest)  
3 years ago  
awsome work dude keep it up
abaccahero150 (Guest)  
3 years ago  
you need mods new things you never did if i had to pick gust cause its got better things minecraft over mine blocks i mean no mods no multiplayer no teckerpacks y not they make the game better if they were in you need them bad and if you can't make em' then let the players and let the post them for others to play plz
dulce (Guest)  
3 years ago  
fabuloso es el mejor video del mundo
mine blocks (Guest)  
3 years ago  
hi zanzlanz am very much a fan and also a fan of the minecraft mine blocks 1:25'll help me a lot: D u can create a 3d??
<3! I can't create full-blown 3D yet, but I will be learning it for Mine Blocks 3 :) Thanks!
Minercaftman (Guest)  
3 years ago  
ZANZLANZ HAVE YOU SEE MY AFRO!!!??? <(lemon)> <(lemon)>
Ower1908 (Guest)  
3 years ago  
So Zanzlanz, your making mine blocks 3 for future occsions?<<(lemon)>><<<(lemon)>><<(lemon)><<(lemon)>><(lemon)>><(lemon)><(lemon)<(lemon)
Minecraftman (Guest)  
3 years ago  
Add a chat Zanzlanz!! XD "<(lemon)>
Minecraftman (Guest)  
4 years ago  
The oven in Mine Blocks 1.4.34. looks like a T.V XD (lemon)
jwag3705 (Guest)  
4 years ago  
Alex can i help you in mine blocks? i know how to: use photoshop,test games,and use imagination! (0)-(0) __
Thanks for the offer, but I'm not in need of any help. When you request features, I always consider them! So feel free to share your ideas!
SMG4 (Guest)  
4 years ago  
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