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SuperSalty (Guest)  
1 month ago  
Been on a nostalgia kick recently (used to post as Mr. Awesome, on the off chance you remember that) and it's always great to see people whose work I loved years ago still doing what they love. It's amazing to me that you can find the time, between big projects like the redesign and the studio that you work for, that you can still find the time to update some goofy fan game you made in high school, just for the enjoyment of your fans! See ya in another 3 years when I get nostalgic for right now!
Oh woah! Yeah I do remember :D Thanks so much for stopping by and catching up on what I've been up to! My time is definitely split up a lot lol, but with the game studio happening during the week, I have the entire weekend to work on my personal projects like Mine Blocks and the redesign. It's a lot of fun, so the work is definitely worth it for me. Hope to see you around! (Lemon)
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