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Mr Noobston (Guest)  
2 weeks ago  
Hi! Zanzlanz,I started playing your games for 6 months Especially MineBlocks,And i wanted to tell you that Mineblocks is one of my favourite games that i play EVERYDAY!!!,Can you plz add Horses,Saddle,And Village with Villagers,I know that it will be hard but that will be AWESOME to release it in MineBlocks version 1.30 *After releasing MineBlocks version 1.29 ofcource* And Thx again for making these awesome games,You are an AWESOME games developer and programmer,You are the BEST!,Keep going :D
:OOO thank you for your motivation and support Mr. Noobston! That's really cool Mine Blocks is one of your favorites. Hopefully the next update will be good! c: I certainly will keep going! Thanks again dude ^^
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