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On post 'Progress! Releases Are Getting Closer!'

TheMiner27 (Guest)  
2 weeks ago  
*Cough* Gonna be waiting for those giant snails.. I'll settle for shell blocks in dungeon loot... for now.. *Cough cough* Hi Zanz! I noticed bubble columns, so it's obvious you are working away at MB, but, since we gotta motivate you to keep up with the times: "1.14 MINECRAFT HAS ALREADY RELEASED, LET'S SEE SOME VILLAGERS IN MINE BLOCKS!" there's your motivation. (Don't worry, you can take a break until Minecraft releases another update.. then we'll ) Anyway; ?Stay lemony Zanz!? Miner27 OU
I like how you're negotiating your feature request in this way haha. Also please stay (Lemon)y too, Miner27 :D
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