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On post 'Goodbye 2018!'

Green Snow (… (Guest)  
6 months ago  
(I need to choose a definitive username q-q) *cough* Sure it was a great year of preparation and learning for you! I hope you have learned a lot and everything is being tested with your next projects this 2019 ;3 Much support from me for you \uwu/ I will look forward to the annual video of your projects for this year! >w<
Yes you do haha, sometimes it's hard to know if it's you or not! ;D And thank you lots! I did learn a lot, and all of the projects are surely coming into place. I've started the planning process for the video and will be writing the script soon. It is so much work but I love how they turn out every time :) ^-^)/ (Lemon) :D
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