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TheMiner27 (Guest)  
6 months ago  
Hey Zanz! Happy New Year! For 2019 could you update Mine Blocks to fix lag? I recently also had a neat idea, Giant Cave Snails (spawn rarely at a light level of 5 or less), when damaged (unless 1-shotted) they turn into a Shell Block, then after a few seconds they turn back to normal. When killed they drop 0-1 Shell Blocks, which wont turn into normal Cave Snails (they have low HP, being killed in one hit by everything up from stone swords.) I understand it would be hard to code but hey.
Happy New Year to you too :D! The snail idea is indeed neat! I would also have to come up with the purpose of them and their drops. But yeah Mine Blocks shouldn't be lagging that much for you these days. Are you on an rather slow computer? Have you tried the suggestions in the FAQ?
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